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Which do you like more?

Fly light dance, illusion song, people can not help but think of the plateau graceful gesture, like a ray of clear wind from afar wind, European root thin as onion skin transparent and cool, such as ice and snow, just like crystal girl clean Pure heart of the wholesale Korean clothing.

01 Brilliant lively champagne yellow, set off the summer fresh and bright, delicate and delicate hook flower, each flower bloom proudly gesture, yarn and embroidery like a pair of intimate lovers, hand in hand Accent interpretation summer flowers, curl princess blooming.

02 Embroidered black and white spots on the light and transparent white gauze embroidered spring and summer lively atmosphere, lace flowers around the sweet summer, constitute the aesthetic dream scene, long skirts graceful, quiet and beautiful, Is where youth revel alone.

03 When it comes to summer, some things can not help but jump out, for example, the most lively wave point, but also such as fresh stripes, as well as the British grid, these three elements are the use of pop, very simple Overlay, but can be popular in the streets, never outdated. Those three mischievous ghosts, who do you like more or all three like it?

04 Fringe is an enduring fashion model, the earliest representative is the classic sea soul shirt, and now after more than a century of evolution, though not static, but there is not much change, this is the charm of the stripes, keep The initial appearance, but also to conquer the hearts of people. The black pinstripe dotted in the body, to be comfortable and comfortable to wear.

05 In the summer of thin and thin clothes, clever use of stripes can also achieve significant thin effect, with vertical stripes to reconcile the visual effects, stretch the body lines, in this dress modification, fat does not matter, if the match point system Belt waist is the best.

Fresh and hearty dressing

Straight is thin, delicate lace, small grid hidden in which tells the grid of your thoughts, lace dignified playful, collision of love sparks, I do not know if you can control it. Ou Gen yarn’s mindset here came in handy, always to show the hazy beauty.

01 No matter what kind of color, white can hold live, this is why there are a few pieces of white why the reason for the summer. And no matter how unique the collision color, pop style always rely on geometric expansion, if not white embellishment in them, then the color no matter how fancy can not be called fresh and elegant.

02 Champagne pink sweet and dignified, not as sweet as pink, nor as red as warm, nor more rosy bones those charming momentum, champagne efforts to dignified move closer, but always inevitable a bit naughty heart, plus On the cartoon print embellishment in them, more and more people feel indispensable.

03 Said dolphins represent a kind of happiness, the dolphin printing and dyeing on the skirt is not able to meet a little more happiness? Lattice hollow, is a magnified version of mesh, although the splicing is not very understand the rules, but in general will not be wrong, it is necessary to maintain the hazy beauty can not forget the summer cool.

04 Big wholesale clothing from China, great chic, fresh not really, but hearty absolute row on the first. No way, since the debut of boyfriend, we have a dependence on this generous loose T-shirt. Letter printing is the most simple, chiffon splicing know how to please people.

05 Tainted colors, elegant printing, as if a woman static at the office, just like sunshine with dewdrop gardenia, sent the first touch of morning fragrance. Lapel shirt, with color and printing ink. From thick to light, and slowly achievements of this fresh and hearty early summer vision.

Say love you again

It is an academic question of how to be exposed without being disgusted. Styling lines combined with shining golden sequins, curl figure sparkling, coupled with the hollow elements, enjoy the scent of a woman dedicated to enchanting.

01 Chest tube top style line underwear wearing a sense of the outside, so even if you do not mind the topless, but also timely delivery sexy, small chest sister can also be assured to wear, a small range of hollow until the point, but full of shy the beauty of the black and white hit the instrument to bring the best results.

02 This exposed shoulders, and sexy wild untouched edge, but very revealing very playful lively, jumping vertical stripes, prominent figures and letters patterns, elegant chiffon wholesale dresses, showing another gesture of dancing youth may not be able to attract people?

03 Will your face flush with the first time I heard this flush it? Maybe you will excuse the sun too hot weather, harm you sweat red on the back, but to see you a dress more refreshing and better sea breeze, I know it is just lying on the red heart and sprinkle lie.

04 When life has been flat and boring leaving only black and white, and only once again the confession can mobilize your numb facial nerve, blooming from the bleak dust bloom flames. A touch of red lips burned his eyes, touched the heart, wrote in love with love poems.

05 When you’re bored, you seem to say casually. This remark out, take care of themselves, two people continue to maintain their own comfortable posture, only the eyes of the silent exchange, an instant is a thousand words, affectionate, love for many years.

Thin and obviously tall

Skirt to see that we all prefer long skirts, natural heart unwilling to reveal their own charm to. If you have no advantage height, just not so much on the shortcomings of the body, then this print skirt can be designed to enhance the waist through your visual height, of course, to achieve the purpose was thin was significantly higher.

01 This one is also prepared for the pear-shaped girls, through the horizontal stripes to make up for the weaker upper body, through the pure black feet pants to cover up the lack of leg lines, the summer pants to do so In the skirt of the world won a place.

02 If you have big legs, do not be stingy, show it all. Leg length and straight, but the upper body is not so perfect, then choose shorts suit. why? Because the waist bow design can make a lot of associations to ignore many shortcomings, to avoid weaknesses is to learn.

03 Of course, the issue of dress and dress, the purpose of the dress is to cover up, the meaning of the skirt is tender, printing is to divert attention. Fetal legs at the fungus see not so precise, but in fact on the thin leg has a very good help, the complexity of printing may make you not so concerned about the body is good or bad.

04 What is wrong with the pursuit of significant thin, beauty is the nature of each girl Well, the way may be easier, but oh really useful. Of course, there are certainly more perfect and more convenient way for you to wear outfit, the charm of clothes from China is far from being played, the girls please continue to work hard.

05 We can see the mountains because we are still at the foot of the mountains, we look up to the seemingly unaffordable height. The crowd around us is noisy, emotionally or sadly happy. Some are struggling to move forward. Some people are camping, and most people hesitate to stay. Indecisive, wandering with the balance.

Casual personality

Hot really does not fit to wear black, but black and so attractive, it seems that there is nothing particularly deserved to refuse. Irregular hem is not the most important, fake two pieces of design somewhat straightforward feeling, those hollow lattice is very seductive, is not it?

01 Wardrobe full of short-sleeved wholesale clothes, but when shopping or could not help but proceed, because those short-sleeved wardrobe are not chic ah. Lace flowers stitching, to seize the most appropriate time and place, cotton lazy casual random superposition of several times, the sense of comfort and breath ability is very important.

02 Pure white dedication to show their strengths, so always get a lot of opportunities to show themselves. The details of the round neck studs intentions are reflected here, with the same paragraph shorts, was blown in the summer will love this ultimate color collision.

03 Imagine if this bag hip dress replaced by a long sleeve or sleeveless, is not something less. Although short-sleeved usual, but finally wild, you want to make the package hip skirt leisure have to take it. Horizontal stripe stripes, thin secret is how to splicing how to self-convergence.

04 Different from the normal sleeveless, this sleeveless also with a lotus leaf taste, it seems specifically for those shoulders partial to the strong sister paper are prepared, cover and decoration coexist. Classic blue and white, up and down two days, this dress design gives high illusion, on your “big leg” is not a small help.

05 This bright and beautiful printing, positive color tone, always reminiscent of spring sunshine, warm and warm, but why this print petite playful, unobtrusive not high profile, obviously very eye-catching, but it seems as if it did not spend any effort. Killers flying, charming Midsummer night, cool everywhere.

06 Although not very beautiful gray, but in the spring and summer gorgeous and colorful is really eye-catching, so chic bold use of color only in the crowd will not forget to see more. Black and white ash, full color collision layering, A word gauze skirt playful cute, lace waist was thin and high it.

Weekend love to wear unbridled style

Grasp the extent of color dress, in fact, is the need to move some brains, annoying heat wave while a while over, too gorgeous flowers but feel dazzling but do not forget, cool now is the most important, sleeveless dresses on abstract prints will be much better.

01 If you choose the bright yellow orange you have to be extra careful, the first red tape has to get rid of it, straight skirts cut neat atmosphere, and then also add cool elements to the skirt, splicing up the transparent gauze has this advantage, but not dim beauty.

02 To wear the charm of cheongsam need to go through some practice, but also need their own full of confidence, but candy-colored dress requirements may not so high. This is the summer favorite color, refreshing and refreshing breathable, lotus leaf extension and full of youthful atmosphere, tens of thousands of gesture indulge bloom.

03 One day you will find a good little black dress, a variety of styles of various gestures of beauty. Black is the most inclusive color, when it comes to thin and natural it is best, although the summer to wear black too much to absorb heat, but the light texture of chiffon is enough to balance the hot feeling, irregular cut tail skirt sexy plus a few aspects.

04 Weekends mean the end of working days and the beginning of self-release. Put down your heart and mask, in the beautiful weekend, you can impunity to show their true identity. Wearing clothes from China to wear, eating food to eat, see people who want to see. As long as you are happy, the weekend will be in your hands showing ten million kinds of appearance, nothing is impossible.

05 Light from the text, you can not see how the combination of shirt and package hip skirts so stunning. To know that in the weekend, you are your own boss, of course, come up with extraordinary powerful style. Meet the passion of red and black eye-catching as bright as a green bean acacia, the audience’s eyes are all your pace to follow closely.

Oxygen single product to create “light goddess”

This hanging neck harness won the traditional “stomachers” of the marrow, two straps around the neck, the line of sight to the chest and neck, clavicle focus, is not really tempted to be very difficult. On a good silk fabric glowing metallic luster, classic contains fashion.

01 Plaid skirts and white take a simple fresh, there is a sub-elegant. The benefits of such a layer of thin shoulder straps is that you can expose the underwear strap, but will increase the beauty it, pay attention to the shoulder strap must be plain, and dress the same color is better, do not have colorful embroidery.

02 Summer we all love to wear wholesale Korean fashion, but sometimes a t-shirt is really too simple and casual, ordinary to the slightest can not show individuality, a sling can save it all, simple black dress more than two thin straps , The whole mix of girls are a lot of gas.

03 Even in recent years has been popular Siamese pants also “can not be spared,” to be strapped, piece pants wrapped in the waist and so tight, it may be more exposed at the neck a little more, giving a more refreshing feeling. And, the jumpsuit is light floral, with feminine spaghetti straps.

04 The transition from the light goddess to the goddess, which is a little exploration of her own temperament after the girl’s “awakening” of consciousness, this time the style is initially shown. Generally, the gentle little girl or the pungent female man will invariably choose White dress to take the first step.

05 Two sets is the beginning of test skill, beginners with the sister can try some common with, especially black and white for the wild, with blue and white wave point is very appropriate – the blue and white with harmony, let alone the short The skirt also has white stars echoing the jacket.