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“Embroidery” has a lot of spring feelings

There is no basis for the spring section how to do, to the bottom to wear a white shirt is the most not less. A round neck sweater, or solid color or hit color, can rely on the white shirt to achieve pure and romantic college style, while the delicate embroidery break the monotonous white, will be very eye-catching to wear.

01 What embroidery, not too grand, finishing touch effect is its consistent pursuit. White shirt learned to keep pace with the times, can make the simple change of pure white embroidery, but also can make the embroidery rely on the exquisite color, do not need too complicated, just need to be the bones that point east style are distributed just fine.

02 Nothing is richer than the blue and white porcelain, is unique to the style of the great country of heaven, fresh but not small house, dignified but not boring, properly arranged but not aggressive, embroidery can make the perfect combination of the advantages of blue and white, when copying blue and white porcelain Release their own charm.

03 This wide open large color use, as well as the precise grasp of safflower green leaves, is the most characteristic of the Chinese style of the national style. The addition of tassels elements is more confirmed this view, only the organza yarn is exotic, stitching together may be the effect you want to achieve cheap clothes from China.

04 Spring has come, early summer will soon come to our side quietly. Cotton and linen, is the most suitable transition from spring to summer. Shallow gray, very literary colors, gorgeous and gorgeous gorgeous irrelevant, only embroidery can grasp the secrets, with the appropriate way “embroidered” spring.

05 What kind of elegant Smart and silk compared to it, dressed in the world are often more waves of a wave, there is no best but better. The use of sophisticated techniques to construct wave stripes just to break the white, very clean color collision, pen simple extraordinary.

Enhance visual quality

White windbreaker too pick people, to thin, high, to slim. May be the joy of my sister is too sweet, a small revision of the maximum length knee, a large lapel modified face, cuffs and collar to make a buckle to enhance visual quality, so short or not short are no longer a problem.

01 More common in midsummer linen products, thin, soft, breathable, but easy to fold pleated features that hate and like the warmth of flax blend into a harmonious garden. A touch of blue and green, light pink and white, plain clothes, glitter of the spring, but also clear and bright.

02 The laws of nature is always a school of rigorous with a touch of romantic color, with delicate brush strokes depicting the plant fruit, mulberry silk texture guarantee, quiet dark green tone on the white Enron, you need is cheap Korean clothes online, then thinking.

03 Easy life is simple and easy to talk about. However, it is time to put aside its secular vision and criticism and build its own time according to what one thinks. Big posing long skirts must wear it in the seaside, floral pattern of dark color and what, I am self-assured, does not prevent others how.

04 Whisperer word blurted, always seems to want to connect with the “desire” word, but this life, you can, “want” can not. Reasonable demand can be arbitrary, but once the desire is unlimited, it will be unlimited expansion, this indulgence is very irresponsible behavior for others.

05 The reason why the heart of life has great appeal to people, probably because of its unmotivated ease of light. Like a clear water, the rising moon clouds hovering, vegetation Wing dry season, it has been quietly exist.

Clothing in the nice design

One-piece pants gives the feeling has always been very casual, not so old-fashioned stress too much, do not have to worry about with the spring and summer styling a piece of pants can get. Wonderful detail is the strapless design, Xiangluo small exposed, sexy, you are definitely more eye-catching than ever before.

01 One of the most beautiful spring and summer wholesale dresses, a dress to bring you a different, cool sleeveless skirt has been ahead of schedule, part of the stitching above the chest transparent organza, light through dreams, pure beauty. Slim version of highlighting the body S-line models, waist gauze inlaid with beads, is shining and exquisite details,envy envy.

02 Although the collar is small, the role is great. The combination of lace and chiffon, under the contrast of beige, to show feminine soft and romantic side, concise version and quite neat, lace stand collar surrounded by crystal beading, instantly bring you elegant the temperament, beautiful and moving.

03 Skirt and shirt two sets of combinations, but as if a complete dress in perfect condition, combined with the bow dancing, it is particularly sweet, is the need for such a small detail of surprise, so that this dark gray tone for the skirt also Full of bright atmosphere. A collar exposed shoulders and cumbersome, smooth jade skin exposed in the spring, sexy is self-evident.

04 Trousers can be well modified leg type, especially the hand-cranked jeans, whether O-leg or thick legs, can disappear in its smooth lines. Upper body in cheap Korean clothes online best with a shorter shirt, because the sense of expansion of micro-pants good, help you to lengthen your legs. This section is different from the general micro-pants is the use of embroidery, so you can not follow the crowd, in the turbulent trend to find a unique sense of existence.

05 In the streets of spring and autumn, the appearance rate of windbreaker has been high, mainly tough tough coat, but also can interpret more personality. Through the irregular design, bringing asymmetric beauty, the details of the collar is handled in place, to give a variety of wear, with casual carefree through the spring and autumn.

More than just pullovers

Speaking of pullovers series, the first reaction is mostly round neck or V-neck T-shirt and sweater, within three seconds from hedging to reach and then to the hem flattening, casual take a cowboy skirt or pants is to quickly go out Classic style. Think carefully, pullovers in the closet, never more than just these.

01 It must not be a pullover! If you can visualize the activities of the brain into a B-station bullet screen, probably the screen will be filled with large and small, different colors but the same central idea of discourse. Yes, it is a piece, it is long and ankle lace high waist full of femininity, but it’s way of wearing, and pullovers really no different.

02 Silk, alias silk, is cool clothing that shines in the summer. Take care of them is like raising a meow star to be well served, wearing a beautiful experience like cat star is willing to expose the belly tiger touch the same. V-neck sleeves, a small belt around a beautiful curve, even the color was white to the right.

03 The body is in the great heavenly girl, have a try, just know what to wear in the spring. Perhaps the northeast is still below zero temperature, but only a single T and high quality Korean fashion wholesale and feel very hot together. Sisters in the southern city, sleeveless high waist chiffon dress, hedging can feel the fluttering.

04 Pure black and large printing in stark contrast, the color texture of oil painting and flower depictions will be sub-minute attention to attract attention. High waist is always the highest rule of thumb, stepping on high heels is a gentle weapon.

05 A dress by the belt will be split into a completely different personality, the former is an elegant commute, the latter is a holiday trip. Pick your favorite clothes, choose comfortable to wear out the streets, see a beautiful world of colors, embrace optimism and positive attitude to appreciate everything, very good, so spring will be wonderful.

wholesale women clothes

Recently, the beauty of women must be concerned about the new clothes in the store, you will find that businesses will always go in front of the season, this is not the spring has not yet passed, but there are already a large number of summer boarded the window. In fact, the summer can also be considered to start, and the weather in April suddenly hot and cold, when encountered hot or short sleeve can even battle sleeve battle, so may wish to lead the way ahead of others to enjoy the wonderful summer bar.

01 In the summer, you can wear a lot of skirts, think about it is very forest. As thin as a gauze skirt, coupled with delicate and beautiful lace shirt, black and white with good looks not tired, stylish wild and full of temperament, create a gentle and generous you, from goodbye passers-by, turned Street beat people.

02 Summer skirt, you can thin to the extreme, to a beautiful dress, sleeveless design is more free and unrestrained, the most summer spirit. Blurred printing seems to come from exotic, long skirt swaying, interpretation of the romantic Bohemian style, the beauty was like a goddess in general. Do not wait until the summer, in the streets of April, accessories cardigan, you can wear it to go out.

03 Details Summer popular style, T-shirt has always been the main force, summer models T-shirt to the majority of short-sleeved sleeveless, sleeves also have time on the mirror. T-shirt with plain cotton, a simple fresh look, a little comfortable, but also a little art, regardless of the world’s noisy, quiet to do a fresh and sunny beauty.

04 Unpredictable weather, full of summer sun when the atmosphere, this time you can make shorts skirt walked. Vigorous pompon skirt, light gauze puffed up like a bubble, full of sweet taste, wearing shorts most worried about the issue of walking, but the design of clothing wholesale is very good to avoid this, so you can rest assured bold show a good stature, a beautiful street.

05 Literary style T-shirt is not only love to play, dress is also love. As the floral ink allows you to become extraordinarily elegant, with a hint of scholarly atmosphere, bring out the quality of your heart orchid. The texture is more smooth silk, silk texture to enhance the overall temperament, elegant style. Cool sleeveless design is not afraid of the summer hot weather, in April or May air-conditioned room with accessories solid color sweater is the most suitable.

There are many choices, beautiful and invincible

As a child wearing layers of cake skirts will be familiar to each elder pinch a small face that hey cute to no, two-year-old girl if the same as a child, even if the baby fat or people will feel naive. Dress or can meet such a lovely little thought, with the beauty instead of spell color.

01 In the spring, and to say goodbye, the most direct than a light and not a thin Korean clothes wholesale . Comparison of light and dark jacquard in the apricot and silver fusion between the low-key bright, neat cut along the edge of the neck and arm weakened, gold hem under the hem glow elegant elegant fresh.

02 Most of the long dress is white, will have a fairy-like temperament. Lace knit a floating island dream island, all the unpleasant and unhappy all stopped outside not to approach. There are flowers in the open, each blossoming bathed in the most genial sunlight.

03 Chiffon can do, organza yarn can be. Lace can do, European root yarn is equally elegant. It is not just a pullover, it is the thrill of the spring scenery. Yarn swing the outer sleeve in the erection of the banner of personality, rose red will attract countless marvel at the bold but deep envy of the eyes.

04 Ocean deep and shallow blue, blue sky blue light far away from the interwoven dress, delicate pleated out of a smooth texture for elegant habitat. It can be made of air-puff skirts, but in the end it is still the color of the soft-colored skirts, as the ultimate return.