Clothing in the nice design

One-piece pants gives the feeling has always been very casual, not so old-fashioned stress too much, do not have to worry about with the spring and summer styling a piece of pants can get. Wonderful detail is the strapless design, Xiangluo small exposed, sexy, you are definitely more eye-catching than ever before.

01 One of the most beautiful spring and summer wholesale dresses, a dress to bring you a different, cool sleeveless skirt has been ahead of schedule, part of the stitching above the chest transparent organza, light through dreams, pure beauty. Slim version of highlighting the body S-line models, waist gauze inlaid with beads, is shining and exquisite details,envy envy.

02 Although the collar is small, the role is great. The combination of lace and chiffon, under the contrast of beige, to show feminine soft and romantic side, concise version and quite neat, lace stand collar surrounded by crystal beading, instantly bring you elegant the temperament, beautiful and moving.

03 Skirt and shirt two sets of combinations, but as if a complete dress in perfect condition, combined with the bow dancing, it is particularly sweet, is the need for such a small detail of surprise, so that this dark gray tone for the skirt also Full of bright atmosphere. A collar exposed shoulders and cumbersome, smooth jade skin exposed in the spring, sexy is self-evident.

04 Trousers can be well modified leg type, especially the hand-cranked jeans, whether O-leg or thick legs, can disappear in its smooth lines. Upper body in cheap Korean clothes online best with a shorter shirt, because the sense of expansion of micro-pants good, help you to lengthen your legs. This section is different from the general micro-pants is the use of embroidery, so you can not follow the crowd, in the turbulent trend to find a unique sense of existence.

05 In the streets of spring and autumn, the appearance rate of windbreaker has been high, mainly tough tough coat, but also can interpret more personality. Through the irregular design, bringing asymmetric beauty, the details of the collar is handled in place, to give a variety of wear, with casual carefree through the spring and autumn.


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