Always obsessed with daydreaming

Girls can always have a lot of privileges, such as the love of love clothes will never stop, such as a phase must be taken away, even after the kneeling cry to chop the hand is better than endless regret. Make a happy little wayward, through a warm winter in wholesale clothes from China.

01 Always do not have the same place with others, whether it is irregular hem or street style pocket printing, at least not like the public section on the road at all times in the subtle style. Neck fur collar in the red against the background under the plush cute.

02 If you can live on a winter without a down jacket, for some girls think carefully. But my big flower is so good, living in the warm south, a thick sweater jacket in the body, loose pocket rolled up sleeves, no down jacket, is also very good.

03 Cold and chill, although all kinds of high cold beauty, but in fact the ground gas candy color is more likely to evoke the desire to buy it. After all, the winter has been hot cold, high style but also to warm the way to make way. Twist knit shirt full of retro, shirt collar false two pieces of design can be done within the ride can easily adapt to the needs of office wear.

04 The biggest difference between young and mature is the experience. Experienced more to bring elegance of the introverted, but inadvertently reveal the light of elegance. Hollow pattern on the woolen skirt sketches, from afar like a small coat draped over the body, near to see is beautiful and low-key.

05 Sports style informal in any season, as if the girl’s thoughts, like a full sense of jumping. Winter sports wind is not only reflected in the woolen coat sports shoes such a fashionable peculiar, knitted dress on the pocket and letter printing, full of strength blowing.


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