Autumn shirt has so much, how to pick the right one

Cold autumn shirt is essential, when the shirt to open a variety of fashionable new skills, other wholesale clothes have to stand aside, it can be the most dazzling protagonist can also be a well-qualified supporting role, according to the need to select the appropriate , and then to explore their hidden skills of it.

01 Warm and pure cotton to join the design sense, the traditional single product can also become fashionable, the design of the main simple and easy, tie lantern sleeves to reduce the sense of seriousness is elegant and lively, simple v-neck collar exposed clavicle, jaw pendulum better highlights waist, simple with a sense of texture.

02 Light chiffon more easy to care, suitable for lazy beauty of the day, fine collar to enhance the visual focus of focus on the face, calm and long charm of the dark red, and light cooked warm makeup, so easy to do the crowd that the most shining. Noble velvet with the arrival of autumn and come out of rivers and lakes, with the light of the fabric coupled with extravagant peacock blue, like the night sky is so intoxicated, coupled with simple A-shape skirt, you can youthful romantic and elegant.

03 Luxury satin face charming night sky blue is also very difficult to be ignored, left shoulder and back thriving very beautiful, loose neutral version away from hypocritical, in addition to the conventional several wear law, cool days can also try to take high collar shirt to create retro style. Straight version showing a natural uniform body lines, sharp corners of the rounded hair has a playful doll collar effect, so the overall style biased in college, placket also has the details, irregular and different buttons embellishment, so that white and white shirt can also interpret the unique personality.

04 Fine embroidery, although the striped shirt so much, there are characteristics of the lapel is to break the stereotypes of a clean, symmetrical flamingo love is very love, and the red into blue, more clean and bright people can not resist.

05 Asymmetrical patterns, thin vertical stripes and stripes shadow wave point, constitute the effect of asymmetry around the eye-catching, two geometric elements to be clever fusion, loose shirt dress is the classic season, it is also more than the possibility of imagination.


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