Autumn wardrobe imagination

Although nowadays autumn tiger is aggressive, high temperature continues to move forward, but also can not stop a big wave of autumn and winter after another listing. Every season, always tempting inner joy, this is our wardrobe to welcome the new rhythm, buy new wholesale women clothes became a matter of course, why not come to the entire wardrobe, to see what to buy the next?

01 Fun cabaret in the fall of the cabaret, exciting but need more brains, but for girls who like to dress up is always bored, if you understand your preferences and advantages and disadvantages, even if the selection of the sweater can be very common Be familiar, but also be different.

02 Long-sleeved T-shirt is also an indispensable bar, remove the fancy, unadorned pure color is the number one choice, but how to avoid monotonous it? Bright red touches the fastest speed come to the fore, coupled with a unique collar, slightly shows the curve of the clavicle, but also highlights its unusual.

03 Time-tested is denim jacket, especially in early autumn, a short denim jacket is prepared, when you can not remember what to wear when to use it battle quasi-insurance, with it, a variety of take as a dress, vest, etc. can bring you changeable shape.

04 Like a denim fabric, a white shirt is also a very safe item. A pure white shirt upper body adds a little bit of intellectuality and purity. It seems as if the chaos of things is not enough to make you feel scared. You are not in a hurry to walk in a calm manner between the earth.

05 Extremely ethnic embroidery for the injection of a long flavor, it is worth a closer look, the finer goods, living in the city the women can be completely replaced by its taste. Long-sleeved T-shirt every year, want to come this fall creative, with the scarves connected with the wholesale clothes from China cleverly created a fake two pieces of the effect, as is it tied into a knot or casual on the front Look at personal preferences, both aspect.


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