Bloom in the most retro season

Classic is able to withstand the test of time, in the reincarnation of things in the end. In fact, not who wants to lead the retro trend, but the classic will not be forgotten, in different time and space they can bloom their own style. In the most retro season, let’s taste the classic taste in cheap clothes from China together.

01 Fog and rain are foggy, the train accompanied by whistle slowly. Hold up an umbrella, tight windbreaker, alone into the rainy night. Windbreaker is undoubtedly both the British vintage taste, but also constantly interpret new fashion style, its fresh vitality has infiltrated our lives.

02 Like the brilliant paintings of the European Renaissance, and now we can finally move this retro feeling onto the clothes, bright colors of printing, so that the wearer more dazzling, but the picture of the mermaid can not help but remind the beautiful mermaid princess, embodies the dedication of love.

03 One-step skirt has swept the world, is the best weapon to reflect the femininity. Tight package hip design, outlines the beautiful figure curve. Retro stripes plus strap design, then to the feminine package hip skirt added a little youthful and lively taste.

04 Each one is hidden in the poetry of a figure, or lonely, or proud, or happy, or sad, and all condensed in a brief poem, people taste experience. Just as this collar collar buckle dress, retro style, it is like poetry leisurely quiet good.

05 Totem is the oldest heritage, is the most attractive and freehand. Knitted jacquard like a very legendary totem, imprinted on each piece of clothing, irregular clothing design, so wear more comfortable and casual, inadvertently create a mysterious woman.


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