Boots have the charm and it is difficult to block

Marching the autumn of the melody, how can you lack of boots with a variety of classic, simple, handsome styles, dazzling array of eyes, endless joy and excitement in my heart. Warm and beautiful of the wholesale high heels, these styles are lovely.

01 Fun leather style retro fashion boots are generous and elegant, high-quality leather and imitation velvet upper stitching, and the toe handle is smooth and round, applying the suture three-dimensional upper, from the details of the highlight of the nice texture. Thick grain to keep up with the grain lines as if to return to the last century for the western country.

02 The strong style on the campus of nice high-heeled boots revealing the cool feeling of Japanese style, and sweet dress with the matching brings much more feeling of the strength of its style. Retro metal hole and smooth combination of fashion strap, its exquisite design is chic. 7cm healthy height of the wedge-shaped heel shaping the perfect ratio, wearing a comfortable and beautiful shape in the clothing with you is fashionable.

03 Simple stiffness of the military boots show a military-like simple sense of neat, and the same handsome dress with cool handsome valiantly naturally revealed. On the good cowhide materials to bring the most pure care of the feet, especially for the Asian foot shape custom round toe, bringing unparalleled wearing comfort.

04 Excellent quality of simple boots for only simple girls is a great choice, solid color leather boots to be different, then the choice of leather is particularly important. From gloss to softness have to undergo a rigorous selection in order to make a pair of successful boots. Delicate shoes and the nature of the fold so that the effect of exquisite small feet.


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