Buy a piece of trousers to wear in the fall

August is on the beginning of the autumn, the summer is close to the end, although the weather is still hot, the summer is planning some nice things for the blessing, but the fall has been in sight, from the days of the day is not far away! This time to buy wholesale women clothes to take into account the factors of the season, may wish to come to pieces of trousers, can wear now to the autumn and can continue to wear till the end of the season.

01 Wide leg pants in summer and autumn are very popular in the summer wearing, early autumn wear it will not let you feel too cool, straight wide leg pants type has significant thin effect. Add a linen composition of the fabric so that the pants wearing soft skin, unique texture of the natural and fresh feeling, casual leisure, and then side of the embroidery to bring the national style impression, you like the fairy walking in the reinforced concrete city, which is not restless and vanity cover the mind, breathe free air.

02 Trousers also love gorgeously dressed! Pencil pants and wide leg pants have very different style, and loose legs pants release the feeling of the style, pencil pants with clenched lines to outline the curve of the legs, the development of the body’s inner charm, with the legs to conquer the people. There is no difference between the two style, different people have different preferences strike. Tropical printing blooming gorgeous luster, will be passionate romantic injection, even more brilliant than the flowers.

03 Have to say, with plain cut into a smooth and capable version of the type, although the same wide leg pants, but more than a straight pants-type three-dimensional, extending from the buttocks lines simple and neat, trousers like a whiskers generally slightly open, legs are particularly slender, tall feeling out, and this kind of line neatly altogether, did not drag the water with the pants can show the most woman’s intellectual temperament. In the workplace wearing, quite smart and capable, for you to win the boss and colleagues of the goodwill. In the daily life also has good performance, highlight the fashionable temperament, easy to become the focus of attention.

04 Cotton and linen is natural fresh, free, and loose, the pursuit of the body and mind are relaxed, so the attitude is more natural quite affinity. Linen material sparse texture, excellent breathability, so that the skin to breathe, even if the heat can also be managed. Leggings are loose, the legs are not perfect enough legs will be perfect cover, while the effect of hip, flat is not odd is not our wishes.

05 Jeans can wear in all seasons, and almost a staff, belonging to the basic models of pants. If one day you do not know what to wear pants, that jeans is absolutely right. Small jeans, although relatively compact, but the advantage is that the curve of the body will be modified to be exquisitely penetrating, especially the thin legs and very tall buttocks, the most eye-catching place.


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