Casual personality

Hot really does not fit to wear black, but black and so attractive, it seems that there is nothing particularly deserved to refuse. Irregular hem is not the most important, fake two pieces of design somewhat straightforward feeling, those hollow lattice is very seductive, is not it?

01 Wardrobe full of short-sleeved wholesale clothes, but when shopping or could not help but proceed, because those short-sleeved wardrobe are not chic ah. Lace flowers stitching, to seize the most appropriate time and place, cotton lazy casual random superposition of several times, the sense of comfort and breath ability is very important.

02 Pure white dedication to show their strengths, so always get a lot of opportunities to show themselves. The details of the round neck studs intentions are reflected here, with the same paragraph shorts, was blown in the summer will love this ultimate color collision.

03 Imagine if this bag hip dress replaced by a long sleeve or sleeveless, is not something less. Although short-sleeved usual, but finally wild, you want to make the package hip skirt leisure have to take it. Horizontal stripe stripes, thin secret is how to splicing how to self-convergence.

04 Different from the normal sleeveless, this sleeveless also with a lotus leaf taste, it seems specifically for those shoulders partial to the strong sister paper are prepared, cover and decoration coexist. Classic blue and white, up and down two days, this dress design gives high illusion, on your “big leg” is not a small help.

05 This bright and beautiful printing, positive color tone, always reminiscent of spring sunshine, warm and warm, but why this print petite playful, unobtrusive not high profile, obviously very eye-catching, but it seems as if it did not spend any effort. Killers flying, charming Midsummer night, cool everywhere.

06 Although not very beautiful gray, but in the spring and summer gorgeous and colorful is really eye-catching, so chic bold use of color only in the crowd will not forget to see more. Black and white ash, full color collision layering, A word gauze skirt playful cute, lace waist was thin and high it.


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