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“Embroidery” has a lot of spring feelings

There is no basis for the spring section how to do, to the bottom to wear a white shirt is the most not less. A round neck sweater, or solid color or hit color, can rely on the white shirt to achieve pure and romantic college style, while the delicate embroidery break the monotonous white, will be very eye-catching to wear.

01 What embroidery, not too grand, finishing touch effect is its consistent pursuit. White shirt learned to keep pace with the times, can make the simple change of pure white embroidery, but also can make the embroidery rely on the exquisite color, do not need too complicated, just need to be the bones that point east style are distributed just fine.

02 Nothing is richer than the blue and white porcelain, is unique to the style of the great country of heaven, fresh but not small house, dignified but not boring, properly arranged but not aggressive, embroidery can make the perfect combination of the advantages of blue and white, when copying blue and white porcelain Release their own charm.

03 This wide open large color use, as well as the precise grasp of safflower green leaves, is the most characteristic of the Chinese style of the national style. The addition of tassels elements is more confirmed this view, only the organza yarn is exotic, stitching together may be the effect you want to achieve cheap clothes from China.

04 Spring has come, early summer will soon come to our side quietly. Cotton and linen, is the most suitable transition from spring to summer. Shallow gray, very literary colors, gorgeous and gorgeous gorgeous irrelevant, only embroidery can grasp the secrets, with the appropriate way “embroidered” spring.

05 What kind of elegant Smart and silk compared to it, dressed in the world are often more waves of a wave, there is no best but better. The use of sophisticated techniques to construct wave stripes just to break the white, very clean color collision, pen simple extraordinary.

Beauty as a goddess

Beauty is an attitude; beauty is everywhere. Careful observation, intentions found that life will be more colorful. Building blocks of tall buildings, a brilliant painting, a blossoming flowers, all show the beauty of the level, I wonder if you found it? Unveil the layers of veil, let us share the beauty of the level of clothing.

01 Winding lace crocheted together as a fantastic romantic element in an elegant silhouette, vaguely unleashed a rich sense of beauty; skirt short before and after the long sense of hierarchy, showing the slender women slender leg curve; party dinner When, fashion and elegant dress, natural attitude is not made, make you a beautiful focus.

02 Upper body dividing line beautiful and smooth, showing the perfect chest curve, wear a charming body good; stacked high density organza yarn, create a stylish cake layer skirt, highlights the delicate romantic femininity; this dress in the office to wear not only added intellectual elegant temperament, but also more affinity.

03 Delicate tailoring, simple and clear outline, sketched out the female graceful figure stature; arm point of the wave network splicing, revealing from the dim white skin, showing a vague sexy beauty; multi-level delicate gauze half skirts, so that the whole cheap clothes from China more stylish and elegant, highlighting the romantic life of women.

04 Upper body with a classic shirt version, set off the independence of modern women capable; light transparent irregular double hem, more fashion, elegant walking between the women look more feminine; quality belt decoration, not only enhanced wholesale Korean clothing luxury sense, but also highlights the slim waist.

05 Never thought of beautiful sexy lace and elegant retro accordion fold can be so perfect combination. Water-soluble lace and the underlying fabric form a looming permeability level, without any decoration, but also charming and moving; agile organ folds rippling sytle, playing a beautiful and elegant music, people experience high-quality and sentimental life.

Autumn is too fast like a tornado

If you like elegant art, and purse enough drums, you can go to a show, listen to a concert, I guarantee you will have a different harvest, life needs to try and experience, and sometimes we need to touch new things Even if not proficient, as long as you understand it.

01 Dating is a must-have for socializing people. Meetings of all sizes, not only happy, but also beautiful and beautiful, declare to everyone that you have done well. Sister is successful, hold lives any occasion, and life is to mix wind and water.

02 It is so delightful and exciting that we get a brief freedom so that we can take a breath in the complicated cycle of life and let us forget for a moment the ugly faces of our boss, There are those who can never finish the work.

03 When the weather is getting colder, some American girls start to sit still. For the moment, the problem that has entangled them has been put on the nakedness: What should we wear to reveal the slim body after it has fallen? Xiao Bian said, it is necessary to take into account both the warmth of the beautiful, of course, is the most suitable package hip skirt.

04 Like cheap clothes from China, no reason, is simply like. Do not know since when, I feel that they can not do without jeans, and light, dark, high waist, straps, all kinds have to have a satisfactory enough. Printed with cute popsicle pattern jeans, people will be remembered in the sultry afternoon, that a special feeling brought by mouth refreshing popsicles, and these beautiful time together with the jeans, that constitutes the best of our youth.

05 Want to be a lovely woman in early autumn, is not an easy task, which requires you not only with the more important thing is to be able to maintain a healthy body. Cool autumn is a good time to exercise, to a comfortable casual sportswear, to presumptuous to run it!

Quarter-simple wardrobe propped up half a closet

In the cheap clothes from China can not ignore the simple power behind the natural simplicity is rich and tolerant fashion expression, simple models save the complicated work but give more space for expression, the various styles can be more clearly expressed to Jane lifting heavy weight, the appearance of low-key internal stunning, blooming lasting charm.

01 Small collar decorated slender neck, a small black dress elegant interpretation, a little retro sense of knitting a piece of delicate show, split and short before and after the long clothes from China will be cast in the hem personality, elegant and elegant skirt, take the elegant route Just a beautiful set of shoes and bags for commuting can be combined with sweaters or suits, if with a handsome cowboy or leather jacket with a personality model is also a stylish child is difficult to stop.

02 V collar decorated with a small face and sexy clavicle, knit soft package curve graceful finish, provoke hidden throbbing and heartbeat, simple style, texture neat knit skirt both inside and outside are gentle, elegant and delicate, low-key classic color, practical Wild paragraph from autumn to winter.

03 Exquisite workmanship lace not only enhance the visual fine beauty, but also bring the skin soft and comfortable touch, with a short skirt concave a romantic ladylike style, experience a journey of light and luxury elegant, short outer long two sets of appearance association and the best fit of pragmatism, black to give too much space, with the collision color to reflect gorgeous and stunning.

04 Basic denim shirt and white shirt are the same as ordinary but amazing styling tools, but also the indispensable thing in the early autumn light travel, whether it is rolled up the sleeves of the handsome, or wearing the knitted inside exposed youth sunshine, are about denim shirt familiar way to open, with fancy denim hot pants show legs is also a passionate choice of energy.

05 Streaks are an extremely powerful element that can be found throughout the year, with smooth, thin lines that are graceful and delicate, such as the mountain springs that keep cool away from the crowds, striped stitching and split ends that give a richer visual appearance nine points shoulder arm sleeve liberation arm, box short lively rate real nature.


Bloom in the most retro season

Classic is able to withstand the test of time, in the reincarnation of things in the end. In fact, not who wants to lead the retro trend, but the classic will not be forgotten, in different time and space they can bloom their own style. In the most retro season, let’s taste the classic taste in cheap clothes from China together.

01 Fog and rain are foggy, the train accompanied by whistle slowly. Hold up an umbrella, tight windbreaker, alone into the rainy night. Windbreaker is undoubtedly both the British vintage taste, but also constantly interpret new fashion style, its fresh vitality has infiltrated our lives.

02 Like the brilliant paintings of the European Renaissance, and now we can finally move this retro feeling onto the clothes, bright colors of printing, so that the wearer more dazzling, but the picture of the mermaid can not help but remind the beautiful mermaid princess, embodies the dedication of love.

03 One-step skirt has swept the world, is the best weapon to reflect the femininity. Tight package hip design, outlines the beautiful figure curve. Retro stripes plus strap design, then to the feminine package hip skirt added a little youthful and lively taste.

04 Each one is hidden in the poetry of a figure, or lonely, or proud, or happy, or sad, and all condensed in a brief poem, people taste experience. Just as this collar collar buckle dress, retro style, it is like poetry leisurely quiet good.

05 Totem is the oldest heritage, is the most attractive and freehand. Knitted jacquard like a very legendary totem, imprinted on each piece of clothing, irregular clothing design, so wear more comfortable and casual, inadvertently create a mysterious woman.

Add a little fun to the clothes

Repeat the work, repeat the life, have you ever had such a question, the human life is roughly the same, the generation is repeated in the end for what? There are elders told me that it is to experience and feel. And you live in what kind of life, is brilliant or immutable? In fact, fun everywhere, every detail can reflect your unique feelings.

01 Beautiful bright yellow in wholesale fashion dress with full of youthful vitality, and you are happy with the sun every day, is to make fun of you with you, together through every sunny day.

02 Fun sometimes through the color of the splicing changes to be reflected, like this sweater on the color of the lively jump, the little bit of the little dot is very interesting, matched with twist weave, showing a simple and complex the beauty of fun. Reducing by age is such an easy thing.

03 As long as spending some small thoughts to the down jacket, quite satisfactory down jacket can be more fun. Borrow the charm of the cloak, put it on the down jacket, there are some different visual effects. Coupled with luxury lazy big fur collar, fox fairy elf you must go.

04 Embossed in the sweater jacket embroidery like the stars in the night sky, the stars are very bright little bit. When the crown turned into a pocket, the whole clothes are full of fun. Classic black background to make the coat becomes wild and practical.

05 Interest is to throw away mediocrity, there are so different. Seven sleeves in the design of the down jacket is not common, cut a little length of it, the whole cheap clothes from China on the spirit of a lot. Light full of treasure blue to catch the luxury collar, this texture is nice.

Printing without color is colorless

It is willing to make everything into the obsession with beauty; it is free and wild, wanton summer to allow unruly miss. It can not surrender in the pale only for the moment of the low profile, it should be so crazy, only publicity, will burst out of the glory can not look directly. This is the colorful printing in cheap clothes from China.

01 Colorful, then colorful to the extreme. As in the flowers in the flowers can still be resolved in the moment between the king of flowers, in the bustling crowd in the heart of peace of mind to do a very beautiful printing, in the eyes of passers-by see appreciation and amazing. Chinese-style design of the tailoring, umbrella pendulum dress spread out in the chair reminding us of scenes scenery, it is so gorgeous.

02 Pure, it will be a new pattern. Black and white between the splicing is worth pondering, horizontal pull out the fine stripes, vertical extension of the abstract art, the color in the separation between the inch of separation, so a basic section of the dress into a three-dimensional and swaggering beauty.

03 Charming, is a gorgeous game. Red lip color may not be traces but very revealing seduce, it may also become a cold queen lips spilled edge shape atmosphere. Black veil can not cover the restless heart, red lips dripping, which is very beautiful and a little bit nifty.

04 Crazy, is the revolution of quiet. Everyone said that the summer should be light cool then will have the first followers, light pink, light blue and light purple, must be a pale tone to bring out the summer of the strong green to drop.

05 Empty, there are many invisible feelings of it. It is a solid color dress, A-shape of the version of the small lapel. It is the color and orange to reconcile, far from almost see the boundaries of the clear. However, it is low-key gorgeous, the same color of the lace hook covered with skirts, invisible hook flowers in the sun concave and convex slightly shadows, sleeveless also can be beautiful.