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Enhance visual quality

White windbreaker too pick people, to thin, high, to slim. May be the joy of my sister is too sweet, a small revision of the maximum length knee, a large lapel modified face, cuffs and collar to make a buckle to enhance visual quality, so short or not short are no longer a problem.

01 More common in midsummer linen products, thin, soft, breathable, but easy to fold pleated features that hate and like the warmth of flax blend into a harmonious garden. A touch of blue and green, light pink and white, plain clothes, glitter of the spring, but also clear and bright.

02 The laws of nature is always a school of rigorous with a touch of romantic color, with delicate brush strokes depicting the plant fruit, mulberry silk texture guarantee, quiet dark green tone on the white Enron, you need is cheap Korean clothes online, then thinking.

03 Easy life is simple and easy to talk about. However, it is time to put aside its secular vision and criticism and build its own time according to what one thinks. Big posing long skirts must wear it in the seaside, floral pattern of dark color and what, I am self-assured, does not prevent others how.

04 Whisperer word blurted, always seems to want to connect with the “desire” word, but this life, you can, “want” can not. Reasonable demand can be arbitrary, but once the desire is unlimited, it will be unlimited expansion, this indulgence is very irresponsible behavior for others.

05 The reason why the heart of life has great appeal to people, probably because of its unmotivated ease of light. Like a clear water, the rising moon clouds hovering, vegetation Wing dry season, it has been quietly exist.

Clothing in the nice design

One-piece pants gives the feeling has always been very casual, not so old-fashioned stress too much, do not have to worry about with the spring and summer styling a piece of pants can get. Wonderful detail is the strapless design, Xiangluo small exposed, sexy, you are definitely more eye-catching than ever before.

01 One of the most beautiful spring and summer wholesale dresses, a dress to bring you a different, cool sleeveless skirt has been ahead of schedule, part of the stitching above the chest transparent organza, light through dreams, pure beauty. Slim version of highlighting the body S-line models, waist gauze inlaid with beads, is shining and exquisite details,envy envy.

02 Although the collar is small, the role is great. The combination of lace and chiffon, under the contrast of beige, to show feminine soft and romantic side, concise version and quite neat, lace stand collar surrounded by crystal beading, instantly bring you elegant the temperament, beautiful and moving.

03 Skirt and shirt two sets of combinations, but as if a complete dress in perfect condition, combined with the bow dancing, it is particularly sweet, is the need for such a small detail of surprise, so that this dark gray tone for the skirt also Full of bright atmosphere. A collar exposed shoulders and cumbersome, smooth jade skin exposed in the spring, sexy is self-evident.

04 Trousers can be well modified leg type, especially the hand-cranked jeans, whether O-leg or thick legs, can disappear in its smooth lines. Upper body in cheap Korean clothes online best with a shorter shirt, because the sense of expansion of micro-pants good, help you to lengthen your legs. This section is different from the general micro-pants is the use of embroidery, so you can not follow the crowd, in the turbulent trend to find a unique sense of existence.

05 In the streets of spring and autumn, the appearance rate of windbreaker has been high, mainly tough tough coat, but also can interpret more personality. Through the irregular design, bringing asymmetric beauty, the details of the collar is handled in place, to give a variety of wear, with casual carefree through the spring and autumn.

Flower skirt matches with short jacket be charming and pretty

Can not tell the autumn tiger in the short dry heat easily forget the seasonal switch, but the fashion can not be confused a bit, look after the clearance sale, to see endless new products rejuvenation, it suddenly awakened, perhaps inadvertently early in the morning, do not see the weather forecast to go out, maybe it will become a new scene in the streets – beautiful frozen people, so the temperature has not changed, but have to play advance war, beauty skirt ready to fight, got a high temperature fighting can afford autumn cold, charming and pretty have glamorous.

01 Lace cheap Korean clothes online to one, for the next unpredictable tomorrow, although only a thin one, but better than nothing, even if only hollow piercing embroidery decorate, thin and light, summer to autumn to the new one hundred percent, will be cold not cold, certainly more than the warmth of stockings.

02 Round collar cardigan ladies favorite, a small style of incense momentum favorably favored by the grade, especially the speaker sleeves, elegant and sweet in one set, full of magnificent overflowing magnificent, autumn is not afraid of the warm autumn and winter, for a variety of princess romantic ladies static add bright spots.

03 Pure color small lapel classic autumn models, or shoulder, almost all the elements of the invincible wild, with pure and sweet flower skirts, glancing black skirts big enough, even if you want to play a little more ingenuity, skirt shorts bag hip big Pendulum, omnipotent elegant ching wan.

04 The first handsome in the mirror is the number of denim, retro classic jacket models, never choose the high color temperament, how with the range of children, or how dare to easily fashion threatened autumn denim burst of new ideas, and who can be warmhearted, However, personality has never been a supporting role.


Be your own style

Because there is no status of the shackles, you can enjoy more and more free cheap Korean clothes online style. Who said a small suit must be equipped with seven feet pants, see models wearing jeans like wide leg pants are very eye-catching. This elegant wine red are willing to try different styles, not to mention the reluctance to defeat you?

01 Her clothes are cluttered with closets, each day with a different style, but faced with the embarrassment of missing a piece of Korean clothes wholesale every day. But you, but cleverly know that only choose a dress can be outstanding, V-neck long-sleeved, wide-leg pants chiffon shirt, this color with such a classic look good.

02 How good are others is that it is someone else’s business, and how good you are must not be ignored, lack of a bit of confidence but can not lack the efforts to rise. Autumn dress can not replace the summer landscape, but the autumn dress always makes us feel that everything is fine.

03 When you envy others, maybe someone is envious of you. Envy your youth, envy your leisure, envy your circle of friends, envy your unique hobbies, and even envy your dress style, so, my dear girl, your beauty in the eyes of others.

04 We often envy other people’s happiness, but I do not know their own happiness in the envy of others, we often envy other people’s charm, but I do not know my beauty is in the eyes of others. Instead of envying others, we should treat ourselves better. Let’s work together, pass on happiness and inherit oneself.

05 Pursuit of handsome casual with the beauty, is nothing new, the status of the cowboy in the fashion industry, you can know that this style more popular, and now in such a handsome short sleeve jacket handsome geometric embroidery, so that the original casual uninhibited tone added a fine.

Simple to be an autumn beauty

Autumn on the new, is it also feel the chaos gradually charming eyes? Anxiously want to be more and more cold in the weather before the election of a particularly beautiful style in cheap Korean clothes online, but increasingly uncertain about the idea. In fact, the beauty of autumn, need to put down anxiety to feel slowly, simply and easily, when an “autumn beauty”.

01 The first difference between autumn and summer is in the wind. Summer wind or summer breeze in the summer, or sandwiched by storms. And the wind of autumn, not too gentle and not too violent, there will be a windbreaker in power opportunities. Style enduring design, year after year to wear new, occasionally revealing the handsome is also very beautiful, coupled with a small hat has a unique retro charm.

02 Dress style breaking fingers from the number of days to dawn is also endless, but really to pick out when the clothes, or will choose the piece of the most simple pleasing to the eye, is not it? Red and black hit the color was slim and slim, the stars lit diamond add fashion sense, a single wear, base are okay.

03 And the temperature is still 30 degrees hovering around the south, it is necessary to be able to go out in such a time alone, but also for the upcoming cooling to prepare, it is more simple and easy to see the wild style. Dress and autumn with the best fit, self-cultivation sleeveless design and different styles of jackets are compatible, is the two birds with one stone.

04 A good coat is not necessarily the most gorgeous fine, but must be the most willing to carry with you. Hooded zipper design coat into the sweater of the movement of the wind element, the overall become young and dynamic. Do not pick the light-colored line with a good, with a trip to travel beautiful and mirror.

05 Exquisite but not scheming shape suitable for autumn weather out dating dinner, it seems very difficult requirements, in fact, and the use of dress is very simple. Retro design of the small lapel dress is always so simple and yet a lovely atmosphere of the smart.

Commemorate the afternoon time

Say your favorite scene, for me is the afternoon of the afternoon friends. Even if there is no rocking chair, even if there cannot be quietly shared people, has such a bright is no better. Enjoy every beam of light from the distant sun, sprinkled on the face, sprinkling between the inch of the skin, like to feel they play each of the first heart music, eager to rest in front of the moment, so that this wonderful continuation with nice cheap Korean clothes online.

01 The sun evenly sprinkled on the land, any corner can feel the sun’s bright. The national wind with you away from the hustle and bustle of the past worry-free time to see the beautiful Chinese hand-painted flowers charming, bat sleeve is easy enough to let people put it down.

02 Spilled out of the sun, flies are years, leaving the mottled memory. But even if the years, but also cannot stop our passion for life on the future vision. Red coat makes people shines, set off elegant temperament makes people heart longing. I wonder if you notice stitching long sleeves, soft and hard match makes clothes comfortable and stylish.

03 Sitting in the sun, whether there is such a moment, like back to childhood, the memory of the elders always sitting on the couch, a small hit a nap, leisurely until our noisy makes the horizon of the sun are down the mountain. Often recall, always feel that they are still a long child, laughing slap in front of the knee, carefree.

04 Want to enjoy the bright afternoon of the natural and ultimately, the participation of chiffon, thin fabric breathable, through which it can even feel the slightest touch of the sun touch, no shadow, washed away in the sun. Beautiful geometric flowers through the meantime, how can you not understand it well?

05 Fashion is always in the reincarnation, and the Chinese style is the hearts of the people of the permanent beauty of the same feelings. Light purple skirt calm waves, elegant but the slightest snap into the hearts of the retro printing people peace of mind, add into the modern cake fold edge is for all the calm into the fresh vitality.


Little lap of youth vows

For youth, the most cruel than the passage of time, everything is gone. Thanks to those pictures on the scenery, time silhouette of the reservation than any memory must be clear and real. Love a small lapel in cheap Korean clothes online, is such an emotional intensification, the vows of youth worthy of such serious treatment.

01 If the waves are known, they will love this way, colorful, pretty and lovely. Perhaps at the beginning of the design who would not think such a simple little dots actually can lead the fashion to many years. Sweet long sleeves pull autumn cool, and wave point can let us forget the cool ruthless, still keep the love of youth.

02 Why do you say that the baby lap and age? Because it can perfect the school wind control, to keep the students breathe of pure, yet sensitive to the grasp of fashion. Lattice stitching, letter printing, all under the control of the doll collar, this is the youth should look like.

03 Women are tempting, like a cat, full of spirituality and mystery. But the cat printing is much simpler, so that you can see that a simple yourself. Fake two pieces of true temperament, black and white have enough room to play, and the red color will look more perfect.

04 Small dots, not just the color of the magic weapon, but also make the fabric becomes more unique. Elegant purple, because these points are very scattered and very cute, straight skirt is the secret and the letter H letter inseparable happiness superimposed.

05 Perhaps elegant, perhaps pure, it is derived from your personality. The most eye-catching is the doll lap straight; people cannot remember the time to go so anxious. The unique design of the skirt is the perfect line of staggered, bow down on the skirt, enough to make people feel confident.

Outstanding wear in October

The beginning of October is a seductive small holiday, enjoy the shopping to enjoy the cheap Korean clothes online to enjoy the choice of dress. The day flies, always have some things to stay in memory. Those who live in the lens of the need to ride out in order to glorify the favor, in October we need a different kind of companionship.

01 A rainy day is a good habit, just when the autumn wind, ready to woolen jacket to get caught by surprise. In fact, because woolen is no longer as heavy as ever, with bright and clear color contrast highlights the joy of youth, suit design wear reasonable.

02 Some people say that the plaid is a step closer to the retro, and I have chosen, plaid is a new fashion. Yes, its existence has been a long time, but repeat the same thing, the plaid has always seen very clearly, every time with a new image in front of us, retro and fashion is a thought between.

03 The lattice is the most popular way to hit the color, you can let the dark tones enjoy the treatment of art, but also can make irrelevant color colorful. Dark blue and black and simply red, the line has never been we can control, but this set of beautiful still let us can not refuse.

04 You know, denim has come, autumn with such a way to introduce fashion is really wise, for a long time we have been very dependent on the cowboy. Straight skirt is very thin, not to mention the denim itself is crisp texture can be removed from a lot of unnecessary trouble, lotus leaf fish tail pendulum jeans will not be soft enough, but know how unique.

05 No one will blame you forget the black and white ash, although you may not be able to understand its impact on the trend. Gray knit pullover, just an ordinary single product, but it is slightly loose on some of the cut, but with the black half-length dress with, but showing a lazy and wonderful autumn scenery.

Leisure and commuter’s relationship in clothing

Life is not like a card that has a completely different card face, not A is the B mode sounds very fun. Work is daily, casual interspersed in which, but in cheap Korean clothes online, leisure and commute between the no relationship between the other, do not make it wrong.

01 In the work may no one will choose a very exaggerated style, too much personal characteristics of the individual is not necessarily be curious to remember, more likely to be a grandstanding miniature. But sexy little slits or can have, sports baseball collar dress for leisure, but also commute.

02 Knitted cardigan if not soft, you can not appreciate the characteristics of skin-friendly; if too soft, so a modeling is very difficult to maintain a long time beautiful. Suit collar and candy color so that the cardigan has a small suit of crisp, but tentacles soft waxy texture, leisure and commuter conversion without pressure.

03 To be an elegant little lady, or hidden inside a bold female man, in fact, the tasting of clothing are not too important influence. Low-key introverted British checkered, dark green dignified and cute little skirt, think about it is to know the shape of the self-release.

04 Many dresses will use a variety of stitching methods or elements to enhance the uniqueness, commuter will use neat lines, casual clothes will use a slightly more gentle style. However, the dress will be like the reason is that its creativity will never stop, the foliage of the hem is too satisfied with the small public mind.

05 Even if you do not say, it is also known that the age range to which the wave point applies is less than thirty years old. Whether large or small, the existence of wave point to some extent are biased towards the street leisure style. To black and white as the main colors, minimalist profile with hidden to the seamless large pocket, as a commuter equipment, but also okay.

“Fat” is the beauty of capital in clothes

Asked ten girls, at least eight are not satisfied with their own body, but really called the weight of the standard will not be more than two, that is, most girls are only part of the proportion of their own dissatisfaction only The Often at this time the most able to save the field was oversize. Loose cheap Korean clothes online can help you be pretty.

01 Why the skirt even in the cold winter is still very popular, there is the representative of its value, for the perennial wearing a skirt of the Japanese girl, at least slightly profiled skirt, do not see the waist of the swimming circle, of the thigh, and when the knack encounter cowboy, which is another novel view.

02 Loose and loose clothes is always easy to let people relax, do not have a layer of a layer of dumplings like a wrapped around their own breathless, put on a warm base, a loose sweater, put on coat Woolen is a good choice, in this winter, even if the cold wind Joseph, but also the United States out of style.

03 Sweater is the first choice in winter, outside wear base can be, and a common feature of the sweater that is – afraid of the cold you no matter how many clothes in the inside can easily get. Sweater cut is also very easy to find them in the loose shape, to adapt to add clothes cold winter.

04 Knitting loose is often from the hem began to work hard. The upper part of the body slim under the premise of slightly opens the pendulum in addition to the waist thigh of the occlusion effect, but also in the visual high. Lovely clinging are line of sight lines, with a high degree of natural even more thinly.

05 More and more petite girls addicted to the large woolen coat, a coat seems to be able to hide the whole person look like, so the situation, not only will not notice that the flesh, but also in the large Under the coat to bring out your “thin” stature.