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Thin and obviously tall

Skirt to see that we all prefer long skirts, natural heart unwilling to reveal their own charm to. If you have no advantage height, just not so much on the shortcomings of the body, then this print skirt can be designed to enhance the waist through your visual height, of course, to achieve the purpose was thin was significantly higher.

01 This one is also prepared for the pear-shaped girls, through the horizontal stripes to make up for the weaker upper body, through the pure black feet pants to cover up the lack of leg lines, the summer pants to do so In the skirt of the world won a place.

02 If you have big legs, do not be stingy, show it all. Leg length and straight, but the upper body is not so perfect, then choose shorts suit. why? Because the waist bow design can make a lot of associations to ignore many shortcomings, to avoid weaknesses is to learn.

03 Of course, the issue of dress and dress, the purpose of the dress is to cover up, the meaning of the skirt is tender, printing is to divert attention. Fetal legs at the fungus see not so precise, but in fact on the thin leg has a very good help, the complexity of printing may make you not so concerned about the body is good or bad.

04 What is wrong with the pursuit of significant thin, beauty is the nature of each girl Well, the way may be easier, but oh really useful. Of course, there are certainly more perfect and more convenient way for you to wear outfit, the charm of clothes from China is far from being played, the girls please continue to work hard.

05 We can see the mountains because we are still at the foot of the mountains, we look up to the seemingly unaffordable height. The crowd around us is noisy, emotionally or sadly happy. Some are struggling to move forward. Some people are camping, and most people hesitate to stay. Indecisive, wandering with the balance.

Weekend love to wear unbridled style

Grasp the extent of color dress, in fact, is the need to move some brains, annoying heat wave while a while over, too gorgeous flowers but feel dazzling but do not forget, cool now is the most important, sleeveless dresses on abstract prints will be much better.

01 If you choose the bright yellow orange you have to be extra careful, the first red tape has to get rid of it, straight skirts cut neat atmosphere, and then also add cool elements to the skirt, splicing up the transparent gauze has this advantage, but not dim beauty.

02 To wear the charm of cheongsam need to go through some practice, but also need their own full of confidence, but candy-colored dress requirements may not so high. This is the summer favorite color, refreshing and refreshing breathable, lotus leaf extension and full of youthful atmosphere, tens of thousands of gesture indulge bloom.

03 One day you will find a good little black dress, a variety of styles of various gestures of beauty. Black is the most inclusive color, when it comes to thin and natural it is best, although the summer to wear black too much to absorb heat, but the light texture of chiffon is enough to balance the hot feeling, irregular cut tail skirt sexy plus a few aspects.

04 Weekends mean the end of working days and the beginning of self-release. Put down your heart and mask, in the beautiful weekend, you can impunity to show their true identity. Wearing clothes from China to wear, eating food to eat, see people who want to see. As long as you are happy, the weekend will be in your hands showing ten million kinds of appearance, nothing is impossible.

05 Light from the text, you can not see how the combination of shirt and package hip skirts so stunning. To know that in the weekend, you are your own boss, of course, come up with extraordinary powerful style. Meet the passion of red and black eye-catching as bright as a green bean acacia, the audience’s eyes are all your pace to follow closely.

Quarter-simple wardrobe propped up half a closet

In the cheap clothes from China can not ignore the simple power behind the natural simplicity is rich and tolerant fashion expression, simple models save the complicated work but give more space for expression, the various styles can be more clearly expressed to Jane lifting heavy weight, the appearance of low-key internal stunning, blooming lasting charm.

01 Small collar decorated slender neck, a small black dress elegant interpretation, a little retro sense of knitting a piece of delicate show, split and short before and after the long clothes from China will be cast in the hem personality, elegant and elegant skirt, take the elegant route Just a beautiful set of shoes and bags for commuting can be combined with sweaters or suits, if with a handsome cowboy or leather jacket with a personality model is also a stylish child is difficult to stop.

02 V collar decorated with a small face and sexy clavicle, knit soft package curve graceful finish, provoke hidden throbbing and heartbeat, simple style, texture neat knit skirt both inside and outside are gentle, elegant and delicate, low-key classic color, practical Wild paragraph from autumn to winter.

03 Exquisite workmanship lace not only enhance the visual fine beauty, but also bring the skin soft and comfortable touch, with a short skirt concave a romantic ladylike style, experience a journey of light and luxury elegant, short outer long two sets of appearance association and the best fit of pragmatism, black to give too much space, with the collision color to reflect gorgeous and stunning.

04 Basic denim shirt and white shirt are the same as ordinary but amazing styling tools, but also the indispensable thing in the early autumn light travel, whether it is rolled up the sleeves of the handsome, or wearing the knitted inside exposed youth sunshine, are about denim shirt familiar way to open, with fancy denim hot pants show legs is also a passionate choice of energy.

05 Streaks are an extremely powerful element that can be found throughout the year, with smooth, thin lines that are graceful and delicate, such as the mountain springs that keep cool away from the crowds, striped stitching and split ends that give a richer visual appearance nine points shoulder arm sleeve liberation arm, box short lively rate real nature.


Long holiday is coming, leisurely spend it

In the long-awaited, the long holiday finally comes! Whether you are travel plan has been full, or ready to house at home chanting, presumably long cheered, hope to look forward to this national holiday can make their full blood resurrection, temporarily out of fast-paced life, want to accompany his family to accompany his family, want to love to love, long time to relax the sense of the spread of the body in elegant clothes from China.

01 Since it is a vacation, why not completely put out the posture of leisure, loose clothes no longer you wrapped tightly, as you can pile up from the work of the mountain inside the stuck his head, big mouth breathing outside the fresh air, in a timely manner save the brain of hypoxia.

02 Yoga, dance and other fitness courses on the usual to adhere to the people, put on sportswear quickly put it into action, the more moving the more beautiful, the time spent In the sleepy above the more pity, not as good as doing something more meaningful.

03 Once in the holiday once relaxed, the face will become rosy, do not have to get up every morning to catch the bus crowded subway, do not open the two panda eyes tired to see the computer, you can sleep naturally wake up every day, you can carefully cook food, even Usually too inconvenient skirt can also come in handy.

04 Most people at this time want to fly to travel, walking in the process of watching to enjoy a variety of fun, through the vitality of the baseball shirt packaging, people more and more youth invincible, do not restrain themselves Time to travel by the sex friends.

05 Casual suit jacket also have to prepare a to prevent the weather cooler, slightly puff sleeves look soft and well-behaved, more importantly, sweet sweet honey looks very likable, directly wake up the sleeping girl heart, but feeling the age of love is gone forever.


Dressing in cool autumn

Autumn of the variety attitude has been difficult to understand, and yesterday may be rainy weather seems to have been so cold down to the winter, but it may also be a sunny today can not wait to pull out shorts hot pants. In this day can experience the four seasons of the season, the sleeves of the clothes to get more appropriate clothes from China.

01 Every girl has a girl who can be as a princess’s heart, can not help but domineering side exposed, so that a crowd of people who are so busy and so prohibitive. Chinese red embroidery dress is to let you sweep a momentum, can not do the birds by people, relying on their own hands to earn a better life, strong woman is a pride.

02 So what is the role of the sleeves in the woman’s pride? Not generally procrastination, do not drag the water, simple and generous in revealing your temperament, so refined woman, to find the best single product of this season. Seven sleeves do not say can come out on top, but also thriving.

03 Seven-length sleeves in the fall of the biggest role than the season, not cold nor hot can also be hot and cold, Seven-length sleeves of the skirt as a primer is no better, whether it is a small suit or a small waist-coil even windbreaker, can easily make the classic effect of stacking.

04 Since it is only the definition of the length of the sleeves, this type of clothing is also a great expansion of space, whether it is Royal style Chinese red embroidery or princess warmth of lace, can be incorporated into, or encounter do not want to go style is too obvious line. You can have a plaid shirt-style dress, different you can naturally wear a different style.

05 Or simply encounter the printing of the stitching it, took out the fashion rolled up the trend has not faded in the fashion industry long occupied a place of classic design, in your closet will bloom out of what kind of beautiful clothing? Big eaves hat, black pork stockings, elegant high heels, you are a beautiful landscape of the street.