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Recently, the beauty of women must be concerned about the new clothes in the store, you will find that businesses will always go in front of the season, this is not the spring has not yet passed, but there are already a large number of summer boarded the window. In fact, the summer can also be considered to start, and the weather in April suddenly hot and cold, when encountered hot or short sleeve can even battle sleeve battle, so may wish to lead the way ahead of others to enjoy the wonderful summer bar.

01 In the summer, you can wear a lot of skirts, think about it is very forest. As thin as a gauze skirt, coupled with delicate and beautiful lace shirt, black and white with good looks not tired, stylish wild and full of temperament, create a gentle and generous you, from goodbye passers-by, turned Street beat people.

02 Summer skirt, you can thin to the extreme, to a beautiful dress, sleeveless design is more free and unrestrained, the most summer spirit. Blurred printing seems to come from exotic, long skirt swaying, interpretation of the romantic Bohemian style, the beauty was like a goddess in general. Do not wait until the summer, in the streets of April, accessories cardigan, you can wear it to go out.

03 Details Summer popular style, T-shirt has always been the main force, summer models T-shirt to the majority of short-sleeved sleeveless, sleeves also have time on the mirror. T-shirt with plain cotton, a simple fresh look, a little comfortable, but also a little art, regardless of the world’s noisy, quiet to do a fresh and sunny beauty.

04 Unpredictable weather, full of summer sun when the atmosphere, this time you can make shorts skirt walked. Vigorous pompon skirt, light gauze puffed up like a bubble, full of sweet taste, wearing shorts most worried about the issue of walking, but the design of clothing wholesale is very good to avoid this, so you can rest assured bold show a good stature, a beautiful street.

05 Literary style T-shirt is not only love to play, dress is also love. As the floral ink allows you to become extraordinarily elegant, with a hint of scholarly atmosphere, bring out the quality of your heart orchid. The texture is more smooth silk, silk texture to enhance the overall temperament, elegant style. Cool sleeveless design is not afraid of the summer hot weather, in April or May air-conditioned room with accessories solid color sweater is the most suitable.

Never leave each other until the time ends

September the sky, so blue, as if any adjective and metaphor cannot tell that endless clean and fresh, floating a few white clouds, soft, people cannot help but want to pull down a piece. Country sky no city of trouble, the air is thorough, so the blue sky can be unscrupulous, also the graceful clothing wholesale.

01 Blue sweater, white pants, floral canvas shoes, walking in the street if you do not say, or a lot of people think it is a student. It seems that only students will tend to blue and white staggered simple.

02 All of a sudden to autumn and obviously ready to do a good job, why would think so unexpected. Perhaps because the degree of renovation of the wardrobe is not enough, perhaps because the style of autumn has not pinch, in fact, this autumn I want you to be a little bit causal, maybe you can see their own side.

03 Really let me understand that the fall has been completely arrived, because the sweater has been filled with the streets, a variety of classic to reproduce, soft and varied style enough to get people feel at ease. Fresh color collision, so that geometric graphics full of playful, as long as with a pair of jeans is enough to show self-confidence.

04 If the time back a few years, you are not on the sweater will be more confidence. It is a good look to wear what age, and now is not because the clothes style is not good enough to see, but we lost the year of ignorance and fearless courage. Gray and bow, different areas of the collision, in this fall waiting for you to try.

05 Need a primer shirt, and fit the curve of the repair section of course is very easy to use, but in this chaotic dress season, I also recommend a single wear can be used at the end of the dual-use style. Structured, lace fine, but superimposed is a very unique personality, you can imagine one of the romantic.

Loose is equal to the comfort, clothing must have the necessary design

The road of becoming beauty has always been rugged, of course, from countless failures in the case summed up the heavy experience of the clothing wholesale must be able to resort to some few strokes, so that they remain in the bright fashion at the same time, but also out of the cumbersome and bound, one of which is loose dress design, loose is not equal to causal design, pick the correct style, will be full of the trend of the chic atmosphere.

01 Enjoy life, T-shirt girl enjoy the wonderful non-stop cool life, open the closet, a simple and generous T-shirt as if a timely rain, instant cure tangled disease, how to wear it is not difficult, pants and skirt can match it well, too, freshness continues to emerge.

02 If you are a girl who advocates simplicity and trouble, the design is complicated or close to the clothes, and then crazy designs are not suitable for you, the reason is simple: you are uncomfortable, uncomfortable and awkward emotion is the most influential index to the temperament.

03 Skin-care of the cotton and linen, clear lines, provide to the body a free stretch of space, the body and mind can get very good to relax, with sparkling beads to embellish the skirt, but also highlights its graceful and tranquil literary style.

04 Loose section is equal to out of style type? Quickly come out from the misunderstanding, the former short after the irregular dress is still this year’s popular design, beautiful arc and round collar complement each other, looks lovely and super chic.

05 The skirt is no longer like tied to the body, it does not matter whether you are fat or not, layers of the lotus leaf dance with the wind, pure romantic lace flowers vaguely come a ray of fragrance, you only need to enjoy your sweet feeling in the clothes and go to everywhere you want to go.

Wear the good-looking camouflage, be a stylish girl

Speaking of camouflage, first think of military training? Think of instructors? NO, camouflage should not be on the military training only good memories. Those who have been active in the fashion line of camouflage clothing wholesale, always quite a classic presence, they do not wear it, a wear will make you be fashionable.

01 Sweater is a symbol of autumn, put on a sweater, it represents the official arrival of the autumn. Although the temperature difference at this stage does not need to wear a sweater to keep the warm, but early prepared fashionable sweater, you can easily deal with a variety of embarrassment and trouble that brought by seasonal changing.

02 If you do not look carefully, you may really feel the clothes in front of you just like the one in military training when wearing, but after carefully reading, you will find that the two really have a big difference. Camouflage jacket has handsome version type, is not long-winded, in order to distinguish between military training, but also specifically with a lovely little print, to rush this intimate, it should also be your favorite.

03 Relaxed camouflage T-shirt reveals a lazy fashion taste, the irregular length of the design is destined to camouflage inherently shining trend capital. In the early autumn, or there will be some time can not be separated from short-sleeved, so do you want to try to use camouflage T-shirt to open your fashionable trip?

04 Perspective, hollow, camouflage, these kinds of completely different elements be together, can bring a very wonderful chemical reaction. When you think camouflage is very serious, you look at the body of those hollow, those perspective, and instantly you will think it is not so refused to thousands of miles away about fashion.

05 Hooded addition to the camouflage coat adds a touch of youthful atmosphere. Drawstring design to help you show a good body at the same time, but also for you to highlight the fashion temperament, regardless of the final you choose to pull the zipper to wear, or open to wear such a jacket, you can feel camouflage to bring you a difference.

Hooded sweater is your good girlfriend

She is a little personality, but often just pokes your sprout. Stitching cuffs and hem, seemingly simple but not vulgar, will not challenge the conservative eyes of the elders, but also let the peers feel witty, will be just righteousness, kind of secretly with the fun of doing bad things. She is the clothing wholesale.

01 And you alone meet, she certainly will not refuse. And if invited to the shirt, jacket travel together, she will not jealousy big hair, but with the appropriate get along well: shirt backing, knitting warm, coat wind, warm sunshine illuminated the autumn and winter, a happy joy scene.

02 Light and flexible style, delicate matte finish, alone to see her is a small beauty one, and you stand together but willing to incarnate as a green leaf foil, your skin color and color set off as white as delicate pink rose , Gentle and kind, let you be more love to see.

03 She will not always stick you too tight, the best friendship will not feel bound, but the gentleman of the touch of water, loose and comfortable, leaving the skin full of free breathing space. Enjoy the air entrainment of the sweet-scented fragrance, until the feel cool, hugged her clinging to the cordial and warm.

04 The morning of the morning, rushed from the closet out of her set in the body, both a small lapel’s well-behaved, but also splicing sleeve capable, tattoo texture temperament retro, even you love sleep problems are taken care of, and her intimate and thoughtful to the people around are very envious.

05 The best girlfriend to you is the knitting, and you can go to a walk and travel. No plan, do not book, ten minutes or half an hour, pack up the luggage on the starting, like crazy escape like to leave the dark cement jungle, holding hands, carelessly exposed clavicle and navel, his face laughing like a blooming sunflower.

How important is the puff sleeve?

When you feel that the temperament is not sweet enough, when you find the shoulder is not perfect, when you know that retro is popular, you will know how important Puff Sleeve. Retro and slightly sweet flavor of the sleeve type of the clothing wholesale, not only makes the temperament on the superior, but also is conducive to the shoulder shape of the modification and adjustment.

01 Although the black is tall, but it will inevitably be too serious and solemn feeling, especially with all black. With the bubble sleeves embellishment, the overall atmosphere eases much more of the clothing, and with sweet folds and uplift sleeve type weakened dull tendency. Retro half-collar and puff sleeve coincides.

02 Pink and baby blue can emphasize the feminine personality in the gentle side, a touch of quiet and melancholy people ignore the wearer is deliberately decorated tender. Sequins, lace, three-dimensional flowers, the three fusion is very clever, the vines of the lingering flowers and tender and realistic presentation.

03 When the mood cannot be expressed in a way, you can use the language and limbs together. So to say, two-color splicing is better than the monochromatic beauty, each other set off each other’s highest points. Belong to the colorless white with any color match, met the light blue is fresh.

04 Puff sleeve matches with the shoulder can be just right to be too wide shoulder shape into the sleeve type, others will think that the shoulder line is clothing type required, temperament also will increase. Delicate and vivid embroidery echoes the lifelike lace pattern is full of feminine; woman is flowery-like beauty.

05 There is a sunny season, the most suitable for long skirt fluttering dress. You can step by step meteor walk, walking but are provoking the opposite sex favored elegance and softness. The small flies of the mountains and plains are the direct senses of printing, and suddenly you may want a romantic date.

Just a little bit of lace

Lace is a woman cannot afford to leave that point, wrapped around the tip of the heart. However, you have to know too much of the truth, too much lace accumulation in the clothing wholesale, will make your dress like a back to her mother’s daughter; the contrary, in fact, only a little bit of lace has enough feminine.

01 In girl’s wardrobe probably has such a white primer shirt, round neck with the best skirt and jacket, lace hollow from the skirt exposed, even if the lower body coupled with a competent pencil pants, but also because there are that the balance of lace, having more women’s gentle.

02 Partial to the pure tone of the people to the feeling of quiet and gentle, the most suitable for the little words of pure woman. Lace edge so that the dark tone is not too boring, delicate lace and low-key plain floral together to form a charming look of a charming, single wear or cover a knitted cardigan can also be chic.

03 Shirt is appropriate for every season, autumn is indispensable. But talking about “black and white”, people prone to such as business, solemn, capable and other impressions, black and white shirt cannot be gentle and charming? Only need to shoulder, cuffs and other places to join some fine lace details, the same can have full feminine.

04 Happiness always has a similar appearance, perhaps when you love each other inadvertently on the eyes, perhaps into the marriage hall when the expectations of the future, perhaps mutual support through the years after the leisurely pace. Clothes are the best record of this, and lace, watch the taste of happiness.

05 Some people love it fine, some people love it noble, and some people love it hazy and elegant, cannot say it is the most important of this autumn, but it can be said that it is the most beautiful embellishment of this autumn.

Omnipotent single clothing

Whether it is to change the status or change their case, in the final analysis is to tell us that the old way may be more useful than the fancy idea. For example, in the dressing world, although the fashionable clothing wholesale every year introduces new, but the existence of omnipotent single product has never been ignored.

01 First debut is a short coat, seasonal changes in the weather at any time to the same time the temperature can not be underestimated. Classic short jacket style, long sleeves, and the new material has the color of the publicity and tolerance, which is simple and generous yet eye-catching.

02 Jacket is useful, it does not necessarily like to be imposed on those fancy elements, such as hollow design. But that does not mean it can not be fancy. Pink color of it for us seems to pretend to be cute, but such a decoration is the most lovely one.

03 Ninth-length long of pants is neat, denim umbrella shape of it is playful, stripes can be just right, and the sense of proportion has a sense of pleasing to the visual effects. Details of a little change, the difference between the workplace women and leisured women on the perfect embodiment, which is nice enough to see the magic of the shirt .

04 Similarly, you need a skirt, which is much more elegant than the shirt, can be able to work in the workplace, attend the reception will not make people feel rude. Very elegant color is enough to set off temperament, because it is not enough fancy, so it is emboldened enough.

The most beautiful chiffon in spring and summer

Designers prefer wool in the winter, but in spring and summer they prefer the chiffon fabric in clothing wholesale. Once reach to the spring season, chiffon product appears one after another, which is dazzling enough to make you be happy with it. Light and elegant changes in the soft chiffon fabric, which is practical and easy to match, the fresh and soft touch is so wonderful that cannot the girls put it down.

01 Gradient fringes and irregular pieces of splicing are better than the seven-color rainbow, although it is simple but there is not loss to the gorgeous rainbow, fog is dense enough just like the gradual transition full of fantasy and mystery feeling. Ingenuity of the unique sleeve type of the clothing has great sense of design, enhancing the fashionable atmosphere at the same time can also effectively make the arm to be slim enough.

02 You can cover the buttocks and thick thighs appropriately in the suitable clothing very well, but also you can stretch from the side to get the legs be slim as possible as possible, which is the advantages of v-shaped design. In the waist loosely tie with a belt, forming a thin waist effect of the v-shaped lines, the black color with the effect of slim makes you no longer be worrying about being fat anymore.

03 In terms of dressing up, too monotonous certainly can not work in the fashionable circle, even  the minimalist also no need to have the detail and level. Color splicing is one of the ways to avoid being monotonous, in addition to bring the visual impact, but also because of the combination of two different temperament and produce magical effects.

04 Having a pair of wings will be able to travel around the country, can have the habitat everywhere, free and carefree birds more or less have some envy points for us. Colorful feathers, light body is pleasing. Birds in rare and colorful flower printing pattern of clothing in dark blue chiffon will have a vast sky.

The mood of the dress varies from styles

The so-called mood refers to a feeling that can comprehend the infinite meaning but difficult to use words to clarify the meaning and realm about the clothing wholesale. Everything is just like this style, dress has no exception, through the internal and external unity, design and style of coordination to reflect the meaning of design, which is easy to create a picturesque scenery.

“I keep blooming, just waiting for your arrival.” I do not know why that whenever I see this graceful wholesale fashion dress, my mind inexplicably pops out of such a rich romantic sentence, it seems to be slightly hypocritical , but it is very just right to describe this kind of dress.

Happy to jump, happy to run, tired then rest, tired then sit down, life has a few hundred years only, live happily is much more important than anything else. Think about it, even inconvenient clothes can be designed to be simple to understand this principle clearly, how can you still be confused about this meaning?

I do like the combination of denim fabric and dress, this kind of combination is obviously the same as the cat eats fish. And it rubs out the thunder of fire chemical reaction to be so fashionable for decades.

Cotton dress seems to be given the right to permanently maintain the clean nature, and can easily grasp the eye quietly, pure and pleasant feeling just like green grass without pollution, anyone can feel the pleasure, which brings the comfortable feeling, you just simply can not resist it.

Anyway, in any case we must be convinced that only face the reality can dig out the most suitable clothing for our own styles. With the progress of society, drooping cool hanging days are no longer a man’s exclusive right, once the chic style establishes, women can break through the shackles to develop freely.

Of course, the premise is to be able to control the style you choose for yourself, if waste half a day effort to choose the clothing that doesn’t fit yourself, the whole matching can come out of a laughing point. What’s more, the style of a wide range of type is much more better.