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More than just pullovers

Speaking of pullovers series, the first reaction is mostly round neck or V-neck T-shirt and sweater, within three seconds from hedging to reach and then to the hem flattening, casual take a cowboy skirt or pants is to quickly go out Classic style. Think carefully, pullovers in the closet, never more than just these.

01 It must not be a pullover! If you can visualize the activities of the brain into a B-station bullet screen, probably the screen will be filled with large and small, different colors but the same central idea of discourse. Yes, it is a piece, it is long and ankle lace high waist full of femininity, but it’s way of wearing, and pullovers really no different.

02 Silk, alias silk, is cool clothing that shines in the summer. Take care of them is like raising a meow star to be well served, wearing a beautiful experience like cat star is willing to expose the belly tiger touch the same. V-neck sleeves, a small belt around a beautiful curve, even the color was white to the right.

03 The body is in the great heavenly girl, have a try, just know what to wear in the spring. Perhaps the northeast is still below zero temperature, but only a single T and high quality Korean fashion wholesale and feel very hot together. Sisters in the southern city, sleeveless high waist chiffon dress, hedging can feel the fluttering.

04 Pure black and large printing in stark contrast, the color texture of oil painting and flower depictions will be sub-minute attention to attract attention. High waist is always the highest rule of thumb, stepping on high heels is a gentle weapon.

05 A dress by the belt will be split into a completely different personality, the former is an elegant commute, the latter is a holiday trip. Pick your favorite clothes, choose comfortable to wear out the streets, see a beautiful world of colors, embrace optimism and positive attitude to appreciate everything, very good, so spring will be wonderful.

Listen, summer’s echo

It is compared with the wave point, did not hesitate to choose a more lovely self. Even for the color and with the backing, the wave point is still lost to the lovely round neck, just because the package hip skirt a bit too serious. Neckline embellished with a circle of decorative chain, small pockets on both sides of the design is not great?

01 Certainly not for the skin-friendly comfort cotton, probably so proud to cover the proud face, only to make the cooperation between the round neck and cotton-linen shirt seems more harmonious. Solid color high quality Korean fashion wholesale from top to bottom from inside to outside are telling me so comfortable, will be attracted, is a matter of course.

02 It prefers large compared to small, but sometimes it still chooses small. Shirt wholesale fashion dress is the most important thing is a long row of buttons to bring a sense of simplicity, not a lapel or a small collar to shape the overall sense of change after the small round neck is actually quite good-looking.

03 Did you hear the summer echo? Is there any more attachment to a white dress? Lace is the goddess of elegance, and A skirt is full of girl’s sweet atmosphere. Good body is out of exercise, but also wear it out, the charm of this dress is not the only model to understand.

04 In the fall has not yet begun when you start a dress, knocking on the autumn door with bright colors, to avoid the feeling of depression, the importance of life. Shiny silk color really quite the truth, elegant dress, solid color wonderful, this echo is the summer of romance.

05 Looking back at a hundred laughter, cheongsam graceful dress was glimpse into three or four times emboldened, secretly learning to draw the curve. Good printing, even hidden under the gauze can understand the pleasure of green jade. Hazy happiness, like a youthful summer, worth preserving.

Love life, love leisurely dress

Life will always be smooth sailing, along the way there are always stumbling, have a calm heart, to enjoy the attitude of treatment, life will also bring surprises. Love life girls are always like the spring breeze blowing the same exuberant vitality, running usher in the sun, laughing farewell sunset, leisurely through the ups and downs with high quality Korean fashion wholesale.

01 Blowing cool autumn wind, bathed in giving warm sunshine, the holiday in the countryside picnic is the most I expect the fall of the activities. Tender pink full of vitality, three-piece response to high and low temperature design is reasonable, making travel more comfortable and comfortable. So that the intimate comfort of cotton is like anyone who cannot refuse.

02 People always say that eighteen years old is the best girl to cherish the best time. Indeed, eighteen-year-old girls like flowers bloom, there are always seem to use endless vitality, they laugh ah jump ah, people envy. But life is a few eighteen years old, we do not have to go back to the previous second, but put aside the psychological negation, the inherent yoke, the same can be paced with proud steps to declare every happy day are our eighteen years old.

03 Not hard to bring the friction of the fabric, but can bring the same cool texture. Handsome girls do not contrived, gestures between the uninhibited gas fields to do now. Start a casual jacket, weekend holding tea and girlfriends in the fashionable pedestrian street, pleasant and extraordinary.

04 Leisure wind blowing, swept away full of dust, relaxed and free mind with us ride in the wind, bright and chic. Bright red dazzling, shiny eye-catching, with the sleeve rolled up the charm of the sleeves, short jacket is not bloated, with casual shorts pants can highlight handsome and free and easy.

05 Leisure is a kind of attitude to life, any kind of boredom turned into a cloud of rain, the wind blowing, smoke scattered to the heart from the open. Wide leg pants comfortable and elegant, do not pull down not rigid. High waist design from the visual effect of lengthening the legs, while the black shirt Slim was thin, looser pants set off, filling the sexy body.

06 Leisure is also a way of life; leisure life will not be people before the show off the blame, just want to do their own, according to the mood to relax. As our childhood playmate, often think of Mickey always knowing smile, laughing its big ears cute, laugh it treat Minnie’s cautious, of course, it brings us the joy of the atmosphere.