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Casual personality

Hot really does not fit to wear black, but black and so attractive, it seems that there is nothing particularly deserved to refuse. Irregular hem is not the most important, fake two pieces of design somewhat straightforward feeling, those hollow lattice is very seductive, is not it?

01 Wardrobe full of short-sleeved wholesale clothes, but when shopping or could not help but proceed, because those short-sleeved wardrobe are not chic ah. Lace flowers stitching, to seize the most appropriate time and place, cotton lazy casual random superposition of several times, the sense of comfort and breath ability is very important.

02 Pure white dedication to show their strengths, so always get a lot of opportunities to show themselves. The details of the round neck studs intentions are reflected here, with the same paragraph shorts, was blown in the summer will love this ultimate color collision.

03 Imagine if this bag hip dress replaced by a long sleeve or sleeveless, is not something less. Although short-sleeved usual, but finally wild, you want to make the package hip skirt leisure have to take it. Horizontal stripe stripes, thin secret is how to splicing how to self-convergence.

04 Different from the normal sleeveless, this sleeveless also with a lotus leaf taste, it seems specifically for those shoulders partial to the strong sister paper are prepared, cover and decoration coexist. Classic blue and white, up and down two days, this dress design gives high illusion, on your “big leg” is not a small help.

05 This bright and beautiful printing, positive color tone, always reminiscent of spring sunshine, warm and warm, but why this print petite playful, unobtrusive not high profile, obviously very eye-catching, but it seems as if it did not spend any effort. Killers flying, charming Midsummer night, cool everywhere.

06 Although not very beautiful gray, but in the spring and summer gorgeous and colorful is really eye-catching, so chic bold use of color only in the crowd will not forget to see more. Black and white ash, full color collision layering, A word gauze skirt playful cute, lace waist was thin and high it.

Once a year to get rid of useless clothes but have useful one

Autumn and winter season do not want to stack is also impossible, if not in the southern coastal city, just a thick wholesale clothes can not let you be warm enough, without nice clothes inside, when walk into the warm room you have to be embarrassed to take off your coat, so only can endure the warm and thick coat to bring the sweat effect. And the bottom of a single product does not need more gorgeous, often a solid color primer shirt will be able to get.

01 If you are particularly afraid of the cold, then choose a high collar shirt will be able to make you be warm while enjoying the beautiful go hand in hand. Personal preference for pure color models, as long as the pick for their own color, through their own body shape to a simple color interpretation of the simple beauty.

02 In addition to the bottom coat, leggings are also autumn and winter season of grace. It can let you achieve the wide under the narrow thin dress approach, but also enough wild. In the body can also withstand the low temperature environment, revealing the ankle fashion beauty is always fascinating.

03 The so-called cold comes from the feet, to do a warm job to the feet, is comfortable winter compulsory homework. Boots can be a certain extent when the function of the trousers to wear, while the existence of boots, so that the original is not straight enough legs have a straight slim effect. Flat to wear good and comfortable, not wear high heels for the girl, is a great thing.

04 And some girls for the acceptance of the long boots is incompetent, then the short boots is more suitable for you. Flat boots short handsome, and which martin boots the most intimate, because the longer the time to wear, the more it will fit your foot type, over time, it became only for your as comfortable friends.

05 Similarly, there are flat-bottomed cheap platform shoes to share, naturally there are high-heeled boots recommended. If there is no model like a good leg type, then the ankle and ankle boots under the ordinary legs of the grace of the women. Plus high-heeled help, this winter you can be a warm beauty.

Autumn shirt has so much, how to pick the right one

Cold autumn shirt is essential, when the shirt to open a variety of fashionable new skills, other wholesale clothes have to stand aside, it can be the most dazzling protagonist can also be a well-qualified supporting role, according to the need to select the appropriate , and then to explore their hidden skills of it.

01 Warm and pure cotton to join the design sense, the traditional single product can also become fashionable, the design of the main simple and easy, tie lantern sleeves to reduce the sense of seriousness is elegant and lively, simple v-neck collar exposed clavicle, jaw pendulum better highlights waist, simple with a sense of texture.

02 Light chiffon more easy to care, suitable for lazy beauty of the day, fine collar to enhance the visual focus of focus on the face, calm and long charm of the dark red, and light cooked warm makeup, so easy to do the crowd that the most shining. Noble velvet with the arrival of autumn and come out of rivers and lakes, with the light of the fabric coupled with extravagant peacock blue, like the night sky is so intoxicated, coupled with simple A-shape skirt, you can youthful romantic and elegant.

03 Luxury satin face charming night sky blue is also very difficult to be ignored, left shoulder and back thriving very beautiful, loose neutral version away from hypocritical, in addition to the conventional several wear law, cool days can also try to take high collar shirt to create retro style. Straight version showing a natural uniform body lines, sharp corners of the rounded hair has a playful doll collar effect, so the overall style biased in college, placket also has the details, irregular and different buttons embellishment, so that white and white shirt can also interpret the unique personality.

04 Fine embroidery, although the striped shirt so much, there are characteristics of the lapel is to break the stereotypes of a clean, symmetrical flamingo love is very love, and the red into blue, more clean and bright people can not resist.

05 Asymmetrical patterns, thin vertical stripes and stripes shadow wave point, constitute the effect of asymmetry around the eye-catching, two geometric elements to be clever fusion, loose shirt dress is the classic season, it is also more than the possibility of imagination.

If you smile with lovely clothes then it is sunny day

The end of the year, a variety of summary review, a variety of overtime reports, there are a variety of reminders to marry, bad mood like an infectious disease, from Monday to Friday. Finally looking forward to the weekend, but found that tired than to work! Had to constantly warned himself, if you smile with lovely wholesale clothes then is sunny, maybe all the way forward is not so difficult.

01 If you smile if you smile. The season does not care is more sunny or rainy days, care about is us. We like the sunshine, we like warm and comfortable, we like relaxed and comfortable. Smile becomes sustenance.

02 If you smile youthful. This sentence as a motto, affixed to the mirror, so that they know what to do tomorrow’s hope. Put on a playful dress, lotus leaf meandering girl heart, and cartoon casual but pleasing, good mood is the pursuit of dress.

03 Good mood is their own regulation, the reason everyone knows, but the text is easy to fall into the chicken soup mode, to really can really not easy Breath to buy a few pieces of their own coat, deep and shallow red, even to their own New Year gift it, to maintain a good mood is much more money to pay.

04 To make their own smile better than the charming dress, even if not make his bride, cannot let their own lost elegance. Lace stitching, is a kind of elegant to keep the delicate mind, hollow and color of the collision, so that pure color is no longer monotonous, the winter is more meaningful.

05 This is someone else’s classic, but also our destination. Smile practice more times, become a habit, over time, life becomes interesting. Knitting stitching the secret, is a small fresh magic, they are proud of it.

Clear the mind to be fashionable in clothing

Knitting softness is a small fresh representative for wholesale clothes. Immersed in love in the inspiration burst, let the ordinary us feel a different kind of romantic style. Net yarn splicing of small love, fluffy mohair between the full of witty smart, piercing the lonely feeling so simple.

01 Knit jacquard is a good way to express the elements of love, not only adhere to the hit color directly, but also mild color colorful. With such a gentle form, how people don’t love it. Letters and love of the collision, we strive to get direction closer to chic design.

02 In nice designer’s works, both the full coverage of love, but also the fine details of the exquisite design. Wine red sweater is not elegant enough, because the scale of the loose and casual, but love elements in the cuff of the inspiration for people to find the school favorite young youth.

03 There is no rule sometimes is a rule, hit the color and no rules, overlap with the printing, pink light green stack to break the red with green ugly rule, and the presence of black highlights the significance of their collision. The existence of the elements of love is to make simple things rich sense of hierarchy.

04 Well-behaved is one of the important reasons why sweaters are chosen. They may not be outstanding, but it will not make you like a fool. Dark blue and the contrast between the age is because of the collision into the color of the wonderful, love elements are pure white highlights to the color of the name to move closer to the fashion.

05 Collar details can not be underestimated, you can use the collar to achieve wonderful feeling, naturally have to use the neckline to create a new style of workplace. Very simple white shirt, only need this unique love style has been enough eye-catching.

Exaggerated sweet romantic and retro clothing

Sweet is actually a very challenging style, most people cannot control it very well. In addition to the high standards of age requirements, but also need a kind of bones of self-confidence, but fortunately the rapid development of fashion, exaggerated sweet has begun to enter our wholesale clothes, romantic and retro has each publicity.

01 I was always thought that sweet is the exclusive interest of eighteen years old, and later discovered that as long as there is self-confidence, we have not long wrinkles, we have not gray-haired, those from the pink blue temptation can still alive. Lantern sleeves sweet and printed sweet, even if the exaggeration will not be wrong.

02 Designers have a way to make exaggerated sweet for the public, T-stage scenery is not suitable for going shopping, but can be got from the inspiration, the success of dress in new fashion. Lanterns sleeve side folds and the perfect fusion of hip skirt, so that the simple white dress becomes interesting.

03 Different from the Italian designer’s design direction, ordinary people have the welfare of ordinary design, we can experience exciting things. The lotus leaf is designed to ensure sweetness is not forgotten. Pleated and hollow, an increase of exaggerated ingredients, but to ensure the romantic feeling in the blouse.

04 Exaggerated sweet can make sexy not so enchanting, more ground and more texture. There is nothing better than the lotus leaf is more suitable for splicing in the collar, to create a wonderful collar of the visual. Snow-white skin has been set off perfectly, one-step skirt can also have exaggerated sweet feeling.

05 Hollow and pure color as the collision is most likely to cause the resonance of the season, you can take a single wear, unique hollow lace sleeves full of rich lines, and the general sweet is not the same, implying that the workplace is clean and neat. Just to catch up with the romantic season, is simply perfect.


Street’s photograph , strap clothes let you 360 degrees to find a sense of lens

Street photograph seems to be a kind of unintentional existence, the pursuit is the natural, the heart of the perfect fashion girls do not think so, 360-degree visual no dead think so hard, but for them has become very simple, the source to the end of the answer, and look at the potential of wholesale clothes unlimited, with you easy to find a sense of the lens.

01 Straps in two sets of sleeves, waist is not too tight, pants are also not tight, wide-style interesting novelty, the first time to dispel all kinds of concerns about the body, more belly high waist pleated, peppy style is sweet enough fashionable.

02 Walk in the various colors between the popular, can be more texture to the interpretation of literary style, in order to interpret the great implicit in the city’s connotation of high precision, denim strap skirt length and ankle, loose but not lack of show and elegant streamline, it is a little lazy leisurely more favored by petty bourgeoisie, quiet and indifferent.

03 Not all the straps are trying to be novelty retro, this deep v-neck wide shoulders of the streamline, more suitable for the interpretation of modern intellectual clean, generous dignified while still a little aristocratic romantic, even if a touch of fresh and delicate will become the most vivid pose on the election.

04 In the skirt slim hip, the first to associate is the waist and waist of the enchanting and sexy, even if the intellectual current, can not get rid of light ripe style infinite, but inlaid with a wooden ear and strap, seems to be a little girl heart dictate, style quietly reversed.

05 Do not care about the end of the strap on the mirror, or eye-catching with holes, the two meet with each other the absolute popularity of the current, accessories T-shirt is very simple, but comfortable and easily provoke stars have been nostalgic, appearance is bound to extraordinary 100 points, the so-called mirror rate is no problem.


Is there any of sunscreen artifacts you get ready?

The row of footprints on the beach, is the footprints you walk through the sand with me; half of the sea sand half of the starfish glass bottles, it is the future of the best expectation of your and mine; the secret hidden in the shell, you and I give each other a big surprise; waves beat the sound of the beach, you and I love the most moving melody. The beach is a romantic place, but want to return from the beach resort, still keep delicate snow-white skin, sunscreen artifact is absolutely necessary for you. Proper wholesale clothes get ready!

01 Gentle and smooth silk fabric just like a woman’s second layer of skin, giving to the body the most comfortable wearing feeling; colorful 3D digital printing, making you like a blooming peony, elegant feeling is full of the clothing at the same time having more excellent sunscreen effect.

02 Ice blue, in the hot weather, like a burst of cool breeze blowing on the face, giving a strong visual comfort; chiffon and knitting stitching has personalized fashion; If you wear a strap dress, do not want to have tanned arms, then with this section of the clothes it, can both protect you from the sun, and also be pretty.

03 About sunscreen the best way is to wrap the whole body, but too hot, how to do? Known as “air conditioning,” said the flax is the most appropriate choice for it! Indoor, take off the jacket, wearing a vest dress, simple and easy to move; outdoor, put on the coat, so that the skin can be protected from UV damage.

04 Long-sleeved to protect the arm, in fact, exposed the longest time is the face, and the face is the key to be beautiful, so a sun hat is essential, and then with a long flower printed beach skirt, wow, you are so pretty!

05 Choosing a sun hat, the length of the hat is important, which determines how much light can block and cover the size of the face. Elegant long rims, lotus leaf side of the curved edge, high-grade breathable silk, soft romantic pink, cute pretty bowknot, every advantage is the reason in love with it.