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Fresh and hearty dressing

Straight is thin, delicate lace, small grid hidden in which tells the grid of your thoughts, lace dignified playful, collision of love sparks, I do not know if you can control it. Ou Gen yarn’s mindset here came in handy, always to show the hazy beauty.

01 No matter what kind of color, white can hold live, this is why there are a few pieces of white why the reason for the summer. And no matter how unique the collision color, pop style always rely on geometric expansion, if not white embellishment in them, then the color no matter how fancy can not be called fresh and elegant.

02 Champagne pink sweet and dignified, not as sweet as pink, nor as red as warm, nor more rosy bones those charming momentum, champagne efforts to dignified move closer, but always inevitable a bit naughty heart, plus On the cartoon print embellishment in them, more and more people feel indispensable.

03 Said dolphins represent a kind of happiness, the dolphin printing and dyeing on the skirt is not able to meet a little more happiness? Lattice hollow, is a magnified version of mesh, although the splicing is not very understand the rules, but in general will not be wrong, it is necessary to maintain the hazy beauty can not forget the summer cool.

04 Big wholesale clothing from China, great chic, fresh not really, but hearty absolute row on the first. No way, since the debut of boyfriend, we have a dependence on this generous loose T-shirt. Letter printing is the most simple, chiffon splicing know how to please people.

05 Tainted colors, elegant printing, as if a woman static at the office, just like sunshine with dewdrop gardenia, sent the first touch of morning fragrance. Lapel shirt, with color and printing ink. From thick to light, and slowly achievements of this fresh and hearty early summer vision.

Do not expose your shortcomings

Like black and white you must not miss this dress, maybe let that he accidentally fell in love with you. Very simple short-sleeved dress, because the color contrast is intense, because the lace stitching the meticulous, mature with a little college style of the concise, good!

01 Like printing, prefer summer printing, fresh and elegant printing, unique personality printing, mature and elegant printing, there are many possibilities. Accidentally fell in love with so many things can be good, really want to change every day to change wholesale clothing from China, this is the reason for falling in love with the summer.

02 Loose A-line dress leg pants leg pants, but also the body up modified role. Light pink is also set off more complexions, there are fine lines on the fabric, to avoid too thin profile, loose under the tight, long pants seventy-nine, while enjoying the slender legs, and unspeakable cool temptation.

03 The new clothes an infinite number of times, many are not perfect can be remedied, but the height problem has always been a solution to the problem. Not enough height does not mean ugly, you can make the proportion of their body to become coordinated and full of beauty, such as the choice of high waist pants, lengthen lower body proportion, looks petite but beautiful.

04 Every day, we grow up day by day, accumulating for a year, a year, the old year. Older age is not a disadvantage, but for women is a weakness, make your skin worse, so that your body is aliasing, the most crucial is, will kill your confidence, let you become depressed at first. You do not have to be so, let more positive things accumulate over time, for example, your demeanor is more elegant, your dress more decent, your demeanor is more calm, you are still impeccable.

What to wear to look good

Yes, there are so many people who wear wholesale clothing from China in good looking. Leg length waist fine oval face skin white, naturally what is good-looking what to wear. Not so superior to the rigid conditions how to do? It must be to develop their own confidence, try more exercise, so wearing a dress you find that you can wear anything good.

01 Not enough confidence in their own body, most girls urgently need to solve the problem. May wish to start straight dress, if the lean, it is natural to try horizontal stripes, visually make your body more full, in the deployment of color, more able to see the rhythm of striped dancing.

02 No confidence in the outfit, in fact, not a big deal, not blockbuster, we must first be properly justified. White T-shirt plus denim shorts, simple fresh cool, finishing touch is a chiffon cardigan, thin and light, with lace stitching in them, one second turned dressed people.

03 Although the summer is not suitable for dark black, but the necessary wild paragraph is not lacking, because this allows you to save a lot of trouble with. Rose red chiffon shirt, of course very good, fine hollow and splicing naturally, with a pair of black shorts, how do you think the effect?

04 Really beautiful woman keep the chic style, comfortable casual style, the atmosphere can be sharp. To put it bluntly is to dare to try. As a workplace female we may have been accustomed to the formal wear law-abiding, have not thought about the details of the changes may be more suitable for it?

05 In fact, to be a lady is not too difficult, most girls do not speak as long as they seem to be a “lady.” So, you have to understand the benefits of a white trousers that can make those pink light green warm and bright, and even hear the echo of summer.

Wear out of my style

Sleeve dress like autumn, it is an indisputable fact, look at it as shy face, I know how much it like this cool weather. In the collar and cuffs at the bold choice of hit color design, extremely playful, exquisite petal wholesale clothing from China style and dance, graceful and colorful.

01 Skilful denim jacket is the choice of autumn, a brief version of the cowboy has always been to meet the style of freedom, behind the rivet elements, cowboy intimate partner, complement each other and work together to create a unique visual feast, no matter what to pick within ride, can give a lot of temperament plus points.

02 Skinny body needs the warmest care, so a generous cloak of course has become the body’s protective barrier. National wind stripe pattern makes the spotlight, fringed hem, is the exclusive girls pretty, gently wear, there is a big style.

03 On the way of the autumn is coming, the wind has to first exercise the privilege, blowing hard blow, trying to encircle us. However, who are afraid of it, who said autumn must be wrapped in their own tight it, skirts split ends, hollow back, sleeveless, are the declaration of resistance.

04 National winds will give people a grand beauty, like a full-fledged melody that awakens people’s hearts and awakens the dream of a sleeping natural, bringing great shock to all things. National wind is now apparel, but also so sunny, shines with its own unique non-public light.

05 Clothes want to show the designer’s original design concept, the important thing is the fabric and workmanship. Through this dress, designers show us a noble beauty. Skilled and elegant lapel, lower skirt skirt can cleverly cover the abdomen and buttocks, was thin and temperament.

This damn weather! Let clothes deal with it

All year round, hot winter hot summer, the most annoying is not hot or cold, but like the recent period of time, while cold for a while hot, sooner or later cold not, have to wear two or three, to the big noon. Can put people who wear short-sleeved hot sweat. Temperature difference is not only reflected in the morning and evening, with the rainy day sunny day is also particularly large, tossing enough to choke, accidentally have to go back to the hospital, unpredictable, pay attention to wholesale clothing from China.

01 Immediately in November, the autumn tiger also from time to time will be crazy, in fact, really hot is not afraid, afraid that you are wearing less, suddenly changed the day, for the weather reaction more slow girl, it will beaten by surprise, and should not be a minor illness. When the weather is cool, remember to wear pieces of sweater, you can be a sweet beauty.

02 When you get up in the morning, just feel the whole body cold so much, and could not have been nest in the small bed is not up, until the day three, the clothes will be off only one, and after the evening if forgot to wear back over the bad weather is that people do not worry, to cope with a lot of sooner or later temperature difference, take off the windbreaker remember to wear it, beautiful as you must be careful.

03 Recently this time, the surrounding people suddenly sick up more, after all, not everyone to take care of themselves so in place, sometimes easy to add a piece of clothing can avoid a disease, but often busy then you forget. But this weather is really hateful, sweater in hand, you will be calm.

04 Beauty of the people everyone has, for a lot of women even if the weather is bad, not as bad as the image, wearing a dress can be the greatest degree of distribution of their own female charm, but autumn and winter dress, is bound to there is a certain thickness, the best velvet, velvet fabric to absorb the heat, soft character lines, the beauty is equal to being warm.

05 The weather is the easiest and unprepared, but if you are ready It is not afraid it changed to change, the coat away from the hand, carry a jacket, feeling hot then take it off, feeling cold then wear it, and then simple things, but can stay away from illness, health is better than everything.