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I do obviously like to wear nice dress

Exotic wholesale dresses, exquisite lace and geometric embroidery interpretation of the unique quality and artistic temperament, shrink cuff micro-lantern effect so that the arm was thin, V-neck A-line skirt to build the chest following the ultimate ultra-full ratio of the legs, the former Short hem long after the smart and elegant, fine crepe chine wrinkles, texture double drape anti-penetration comfort.

01 Want to challenge the challenge of digging deep hidden unique temperament, or expression of natural fashion attitude, hidden in the minimalist design may bring a new experience. Gray blue, burgundy color stress, as the collision of the two worlds, with a retro sense of gorgeous, with cotton socks sports shoes to wear, fun color chic style or lazy style, full of personality to enjoy the imagination.

02 Black jacket and light gray vest skirt with a sense of style layered, so no boring, deduced a different kind of holiday style, loose bat sleeve loose casual lazy casual temperament, irregular skirt arc-shaped protruding split legs prominent department of lines, comfortable fabric to cut the personality and make old-fashioned sense of unique gas field.

03 Perhaps the early autumn wind will inform the preparation of a cardigan, or accustomed to the low temperature air-conditioned room cardigan has been accompanied by the elegant style of life, favorite simple wind cardigan, Variety is both practical inside and outside the two sets, hit the stripe color stripes and buttons add fresh age effect, silky fabric selection of the two colors to cross the love.

04 Always alert yourself, do not be prettier little woman, so not happy, do not do anything big woman can carry, so very hard. To do a free and easy woman, the learning time to learn more to enhance the temperament, the rest of a good rest, take care of the skin, the quiet time quiet, precipitation connotation.

05 Always thought that the wholesale fashion dress is still the sleeveless one looks good, if you can add a little thought in the sleeveless regular section, it is perfect. Chest heart-shaped hollow is neither too exposed but also has a small sexy, elegant rich small dress, the bones contain different rebellious.

Listen, summer’s echo

It is compared with the wave point, did not hesitate to choose a more lovely self. Even for the color and with the backing, the wave point is still lost to the lovely round neck, just because the package hip skirt a bit too serious. Neckline embellished with a circle of decorative chain, small pockets on both sides of the design is not great?

01 Certainly not for the skin-friendly comfort cotton, probably so proud to cover the proud face, only to make the cooperation between the round neck and cotton-linen shirt seems more harmonious. Solid color high quality Korean fashion wholesale from top to bottom from inside to outside are telling me so comfortable, will be attracted, is a matter of course.

02 It prefers large compared to small, but sometimes it still chooses small. Shirt wholesale fashion dress is the most important thing is a long row of buttons to bring a sense of simplicity, not a lapel or a small collar to shape the overall sense of change after the small round neck is actually quite good-looking.

03 Did you hear the summer echo? Is there any more attachment to a white dress? Lace is the goddess of elegance, and A skirt is full of girl’s sweet atmosphere. Good body is out of exercise, but also wear it out, the charm of this dress is not the only model to understand.

04 In the fall has not yet begun when you start a dress, knocking on the autumn door with bright colors, to avoid the feeling of depression, the importance of life. Shiny silk color really quite the truth, elegant dress, solid color wonderful, this echo is the summer of romance.

05 Looking back at a hundred laughter, cheongsam graceful dress was glimpse into three or four times emboldened, secretly learning to draw the curve. Good printing, even hidden under the gauze can understand the pleasure of green jade. Hazy happiness, like a youthful summer, worth preserving.

Coping with temperature by warm clothing

Was tortured by the morning and evening temperature to tears how many girls do? Dry crisp as the north temperature all the way in the end to open early autumn early winter mode, or as the South as short-sleeved wholesale fashion dress still feel cool. Caught in the middle although slightly hard to force, can be inside and inside the ride is not for this and appear in the autumn?

01 Tassels will give the wind the soul, sometimes because of the fetters and stay, but most of the time it has been on the road, experience the freedom of restraint. Knitted cardigan and therefore get rid of the shackles of the name of the gentle.

02 Autumn need to find highlights small details, even if it is a common shirt + knit composed of two pieces of fake, but also must have their own creative point. Classic small lapel really can not afford interest, then there is a small curvature of the collar it? Of course it is different.

03 Black sweater has a similar color, but not necessarily have a similar soul. Collar edge of the magic of the blank is the best proof. White around the joints around the body, do not need ink-like rendering, opposing each other is enough to attract.

04 Black sweater has a similar color, but not necessarily have a similar soul. Collar edge of the magic of the blank is the best proof. White around the joints around the body, do not need ink-like rendering, opposing each other is enough to attract.

05 Printed shirt or gorgeous or wild, lines and colors to create a disorder between the time and space, follow a dark line, everything will be extracted into the line of sight. At this time a simple download is the best match, printing and solid color relationship, subtle in a trace of harmony.


Simple, so happy

Sometimes the truth of life and wholesale fashion dress the truth is exactly the same, consider too much too complex but not achieve the desired effect, the more the size of the more bruised, in the end just want to use a mediocrity to ridicule their own, my mind do not care to put aside their side, temporarily ignore them, and so have a leisurely mood to say, in many cases Jane is better than the complex, always think before it will become indecisive.

01 Out of the front of the cabinet in the face of many clothes hesitated to choose, might as well stop the tangled, choose a relatively pure white shirt, collar on the small embellishment moment to lift the monotonous curse, not only a single wear, but also with the kinds of jackets, sets of sweaters, and even vest skirt with changing shape, or how to say to Jane to win it?

02 The pursuit of fashion beautiful this is true, but do not forget too much, the body dressed bright feeling, but it seems exaggerated, it is better to casual black dress and sports shoes show people, there is no sense of oppression, quite comfortable, and energetic surge.

03 If it is a small suit, there is no doubt that it is no need for extra design, bright yellow was very bright, vibrant, and then more complex will only self-defeating, primer shirt, pants, and bags and the like accessories but also try to low-key dark line based.

04 You can also dig out in the simple new ideas, making simple things look unique, a simple black sweater may be some ordinary, with a hook flower hollow to eliminate the dull, immediately clear a lot, along with the like no sexy charm.

05 Just like finishing the same wardrobe, all the things categorized, important things arranged in front, as those trivial little things, the push after the push, the neglect to ignore it, this way, the burden of the mind gradually become lighter , time is precious, try to choose their own way, rather than asking for trouble.

Add a little fun to the clothes

Repeat the work, repeat the life, have you ever had such a question, the human life is roughly the same, the generation is repeated in the end for what? There are elders told me that it is to experience and feel. And you live in what kind of life, is brilliant or immutable? In fact, fun everywhere, every detail can reflect your unique feelings.

01 Beautiful bright yellow in wholesale fashion dress with full of youthful vitality, and you are happy with the sun every day, is to make fun of you with you, together through every sunny day.

02 Fun sometimes through the color of the splicing changes to be reflected, like this sweater on the color of the lively jump, the little bit of the little dot is very interesting, matched with twist weave, showing a simple and complex the beauty of fun. Reducing by age is such an easy thing.

03 As long as spending some small thoughts to the down jacket, quite satisfactory down jacket can be more fun. Borrow the charm of the cloak, put it on the down jacket, there are some different visual effects. Coupled with luxury lazy big fur collar, fox fairy elf you must go.

04 Embossed in the sweater jacket embroidery like the stars in the night sky, the stars are very bright little bit. When the crown turned into a pocket, the whole clothes are full of fun. Classic black background to make the coat becomes wild and practical.

05 Interest is to throw away mediocrity, there are so different. Seven sleeves in the design of the down jacket is not common, cut a little length of it, the whole cheap clothes from China on the spirit of a lot. Light full of treasure blue to catch the luxury collar, this texture is nice.

Favorite bowknot

The girl is born as a lovely creature, can not refuse the lovely, sweet, beautiful items, wholesale fashion dress is also the case, the pretty lace, the elegant organza, the nifty dots, pink well-behaved pink color and so on, all are included in the closet. Although grown up, but the innate nature has always been the same, you see that bowknot has always been in the heart.

01 In this hot season, the light cool color gives the cool visual experience, blue as the sky, white as the clouds, such a combination of natural looks fun. Cute little dots scattered on the skirt, like raindrops, waist bowknot is simple and elegant, revealing the girl’s gentle qualities.

02 In the dream of every little girl’s childhood, it must be a pink and romantic dream, hoping her own room is painted pink, and in the little pink bed can dream of a small princess like their own. A touch of pink dress, reminds me of good memory in childhood, even the bowknot is also extremely being nifty.

03 Even now has been driving on the road to be thirty years old, but after twenty-five years old, the fascination of the bowknot is always immortal. Silk texture of the printing pattern looks high-end atmosphere on the grade, revealing the infinite luxury, can be on the waist of the piece of bowknot, exposed the heart of the little girl’s complex feeling.

04 Organza is born with the elegant sense of beauty to enjoy, gentle, thin through, and ethereal, the tailoring is naturally contaminated with a small fresh style. The overall version of the type is very slim, sweet skirt is not only to cover the big ass, but also bring out a slim waist, stripes will carry forward the naval wind, collar tie band to increase the details of the design.

05 Bowknot is not fancy here, and did not want to seize the limelight of the effort, but casually has the embellishment about nothing rules to follow, but it is a heartless eye-catching design, pure white is simple, black bowknot is much more eye-catching.

T-shirt + harem pants, summer casual matching

As to those women without any delicate lifestyle, wearing wholesale fashion dress is indeed a hard test. The windy weather can sure to make you be embarrassed in the large hem dress, sometimes leaving the skirt angle in the underwear is also a embarrassing situation. It seems everywhere hides risk. It is better to bow to the embrace of the pants, having both the femininity and fashion. T-shirt and harem pants combination is a good choice.

01 The black and white color is easy to wear with a sense of fashionable and modern feeling, in line with the white-collar wearing demand. Classic and not outdated black and white color with a touch of retro taste, making the chic star pattern of harem pants be much more fashionable.

02 Bright colors in the spring and summer season is very popular, with bright sunshine and slowly wind it can create the sense of light feeling. Neat pants type is not tight and not lazy, it is conducive to leg and hip line modification. T-shirt matches with pants, matching metal waist chain as a bright decoration.

03 The unique color in the pants can make it be outstanding easily, and it can also improve the designed feeling of the whole pants. Meanwhile, showing the chic style of a woman must be every woman’s goal. Actually it is not difficult to choose clothing, just need to choose a simple and loose pants if you don’t know what clothing you should choose for yourself.

04 Flower printing harem pants must be the clothing that seems to be hard to control but very chic to match all kinds of shirt. Relying the chic feeling of yourself, you should believe that you can control the pants very well.

The mood of the dress varies from styles

The so-called mood refers to a feeling that can comprehend the infinite meaning but difficult to use words to clarify the meaning and realm about the clothing wholesale. Everything is just like this style, dress has no exception, through the internal and external unity, design and style of coordination to reflect the meaning of design, which is easy to create a picturesque scenery.

“I keep blooming, just waiting for your arrival.” I do not know why that whenever I see this graceful wholesale fashion dress, my mind inexplicably pops out of such a rich romantic sentence, it seems to be slightly hypocritical , but it is very just right to describe this kind of dress.

Happy to jump, happy to run, tired then rest, tired then sit down, life has a few hundred years only, live happily is much more important than anything else. Think about it, even inconvenient clothes can be designed to be simple to understand this principle clearly, how can you still be confused about this meaning?

I do like the combination of denim fabric and dress, this kind of combination is obviously the same as the cat eats fish. And it rubs out the thunder of fire chemical reaction to be so fashionable for decades.

Cotton dress seems to be given the right to permanently maintain the clean nature, and can easily grasp the eye quietly, pure and pleasant feeling just like green grass without pollution, anyone can feel the pleasure, which brings the comfortable feeling, you just simply can not resist it.

Anyway, in any case we must be convinced that only face the reality can dig out the most suitable clothing for our own styles. With the progress of society, drooping cool hanging days are no longer a man’s exclusive right, once the chic style establishes, women can break through the shackles to develop freely.

Of course, the premise is to be able to control the style you choose for yourself, if waste half a day effort to choose the clothing that doesn’t fit yourself, the whole matching can come out of a laughing point. What’s more, the style of a wide range of type is much more better.