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Have enough temperament to hold the chic style of the clothing

Is not a small series with a sleeve of hatred, it is the damn weather with my avenge, thirty or forty degrees at night, two or three at night, all day without a cool time to count. Especially when going out during the day, can not wait to cut off the sleeve, in exchange for a fresh.

01 Cut off the sleeve as direct wear sleeveless models. When it heat up, feeling a bit more obstruction will feel a lot of heat. Without the sleeves of the block, his arms completely exposed to the outside, half a small shoulder, really is a very cool experience. Also more than the sleeve came more stylish and generous, let pants to release free breath, when the tide personality full of fashion.

02 In many cases, sleeveless models can show a more open mind, you seem more confident, but also more bold, sleeveless black dress upper body, elegant drape chiffon drape, a little fairy wholesale high heel shoes, is perfect for the body cover, temperament in the moment to be sublimated, so that friends are amazed at your changes.

03 There are many feminine elements that can add color to your look. Veil-like fabric, full of hazy beauty, blue flowers neatly decorated, bloom very fresh, flounced on both sides of the waving, collar also has its decoration, filled with romantic atmosphere, full of lady temperament.

04 In the summer, dresses and prints are well matched, allowing you to grow beautifully and enhance your personal charisma. Sleeveless print skirt is quite common, combined with the big round neck, simple but not simple, long skirt swayed with the pace, walking between the streets become a landscape.

05 With a combination of two pieces of wholesale clothing to create a dress look, upper sleeveless chiffon is stylish and elegant, V-neck is very vivid, sexy needless to say, but also the pride of the heart can be revealed. High waist design will pull the lower body very long and long, the whole people have become more tall and more.