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Which do you like more?

Fly light dance, illusion song, people can not help but think of the plateau graceful gesture, like a ray of clear wind from afar wind, European root thin as onion skin transparent and cool, such as ice and snow, just like crystal girl clean Pure heart of the wholesale Korean clothing.

01 Brilliant lively champagne yellow, set off the summer fresh and bright, delicate and delicate hook flower, each flower bloom proudly gesture, yarn and embroidery like a pair of intimate lovers, hand in hand Accent interpretation summer flowers, curl princess blooming.

02 Embroidered black and white spots on the light and transparent white gauze embroidered spring and summer lively atmosphere, lace flowers around the sweet summer, constitute the aesthetic dream scene, long skirts graceful, quiet and beautiful, Is where youth revel alone.

03 When it comes to summer, some things can not help but jump out, for example, the most lively wave point, but also such as fresh stripes, as well as the British grid, these three elements are the use of pop, very simple Overlay, but can be popular in the streets, never outdated. Those three mischievous ghosts, who do you like more or all three like it?

04 Fringe is an enduring fashion model, the earliest representative is the classic sea soul shirt, and now after more than a century of evolution, though not static, but there is not much change, this is the charm of the stripes, keep The initial appearance, but also to conquer the hearts of people. The black pinstripe dotted in the body, to be comfortable and comfortable to wear.

05 In the summer of thin and thin clothes, clever use of stripes can also achieve significant thin effect, with vertical stripes to reconcile the visual effects, stretch the body lines, in this dress modification, fat does not matter, if the match point system Belt waist is the best.

Beauty as a goddess

Beauty is an attitude; beauty is everywhere. Careful observation, intentions found that life will be more colorful. Building blocks of tall buildings, a brilliant painting, a blossoming flowers, all show the beauty of the level, I wonder if you found it? Unveil the layers of veil, let us share the beauty of the level of clothing.

01 Winding lace crocheted together as a fantastic romantic element in an elegant silhouette, vaguely unleashed a rich sense of beauty; skirt short before and after the long sense of hierarchy, showing the slender women slender leg curve; party dinner When, fashion and elegant dress, natural attitude is not made, make you a beautiful focus.

02 Upper body dividing line beautiful and smooth, showing the perfect chest curve, wear a charming body good; stacked high density organza yarn, create a stylish cake layer skirt, highlights the delicate romantic femininity; this dress in the office to wear not only added intellectual elegant temperament, but also more affinity.

03 Delicate tailoring, simple and clear outline, sketched out the female graceful figure stature; arm point of the wave network splicing, revealing from the dim white skin, showing a vague sexy beauty; multi-level delicate gauze half skirts, so that the whole cheap clothes from China more stylish and elegant, highlighting the romantic life of women.

04 Upper body with a classic shirt version, set off the independence of modern women capable; light transparent irregular double hem, more fashion, elegant walking between the women look more feminine; quality belt decoration, not only enhanced wholesale Korean clothing luxury sense, but also highlights the slim waist.

05 Never thought of beautiful sexy lace and elegant retro accordion fold can be so perfect combination. Water-soluble lace and the underlying fabric form a looming permeability level, without any decoration, but also charming and moving; agile organ folds rippling sytle, playing a beautiful and elegant music, people experience high-quality and sentimental life.

Win with single product to open early winter mode

Heard the cold air to come, realize that the winter is really not far away. The scenery is changing, the people are changing, it seems that every year dress is changing, but those who will always win the classic single product will be in the streets of the road, let us have a sense of time flowing, but also notice early winter mode start with wholesale Korean clothing!

01 How can without the woolen skirt be over the winter? Slim rendering the most affordable, but the occasional loose comfort can not be missing. Green in the winter how eye-catching it is, seeing it flourishing all things dying, a single show how can not attract people’s attention, not close to the waist actually nothing to do, but meet always feel very good.

02 See the skirt to feel a lot of young feelings, college roommate ridicule three years did not see with three months did not see the same, hair or so, looks like that, a pair of honest students like. It is because there are accompanied by a skirt, no matter what color style, youth is very good.

03 If it is not knitted dress these years of never betray, our feelings for the winter may not be so deep. Contrasting spell marks do not let us feel disappointed, but increasingly obsessed with the black and white obsession, and beading decoration between each other against each other, until the knitting of the best state.

04 Velvet’s noble feeling does not have to be in the diamond against the background to understand the winter can let the velvet get very good play. Imitate a little windbreaker neat type, in the gloss of the copper buttons show sonorous efforts, small lattice satisfactory posture, this is what we want to win a single product.

05 Most of the girls will not like the artificial attitude of life, we need a lot of courage to face all kinds of life. Why can not it be good for yourself? A simple and innovative coat, so that you know how the situation in the case of confidence.