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Oxygen single product to create “light goddess”

This hanging neck harness won the traditional “stomachers” of the marrow, two straps around the neck, the line of sight to the chest and neck, clavicle focus, is not really tempted to be very difficult. On a good silk fabric glowing metallic luster, classic contains fashion.

01 Plaid skirts and white take a simple fresh, there is a sub-elegant. The benefits of such a layer of thin shoulder straps is that you can expose the underwear strap, but will increase the beauty it, pay attention to the shoulder strap must be plain, and dress the same color is better, do not have colorful embroidery.

02 Summer we all love to wear wholesale Korean fashion, but sometimes a t-shirt is really too simple and casual, ordinary to the slightest can not show individuality, a sling can save it all, simple black dress more than two thin straps , The whole mix of girls are a lot of gas.

03 Even in recent years has been popular Siamese pants also “can not be spared,” to be strapped, piece pants wrapped in the waist and so tight, it may be more exposed at the neck a little more, giving a more refreshing feeling. And, the jumpsuit is light floral, with feminine spaghetti straps.

04 The transition from the light goddess to the goddess, which is a little exploration of her own temperament after the girl’s “awakening” of consciousness, this time the style is initially shown. Generally, the gentle little girl or the pungent female man will invariably choose White dress to take the first step.

05 Two sets is the beginning of test skill, beginners with the sister can try some common with, especially black and white for the wild, with blue and white wave point is very appropriate – the blue and white with harmony, let alone the short The skirt also has white stars echoing the jacket.