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Autumn wardrobe imagination

Although nowadays autumn tiger is aggressive, high temperature continues to move forward, but also can not stop a big wave of autumn and winter after another listing. Every season, always tempting inner joy, this is our wardrobe to welcome the new rhythm, buy new wholesale women clothes became a matter of course, why not come to the entire wardrobe, to see what to buy the next?

01 Fun cabaret in the fall of the cabaret, exciting but need more brains, but for girls who like to dress up is always bored, if you understand your preferences and advantages and disadvantages, even if the selection of the sweater can be very common Be familiar, but also be different.

02 Long-sleeved T-shirt is also an indispensable bar, remove the fancy, unadorned pure color is the number one choice, but how to avoid monotonous it? Bright red touches the fastest speed come to the fore, coupled with a unique collar, slightly shows the curve of the clavicle, but also highlights its unusual.

03 Time-tested is denim jacket, especially in early autumn, a short denim jacket is prepared, when you can not remember what to wear when to use it battle quasi-insurance, with it, a variety of take as a dress, vest, etc. can bring you changeable shape.

04 Like a denim fabric, a white shirt is also a very safe item. A pure white shirt upper body adds a little bit of intellectuality and purity. It seems as if the chaos of things is not enough to make you feel scared. You are not in a hurry to walk in a calm manner between the earth.

05 Extremely ethnic embroidery for the injection of a long flavor, it is worth a closer look, the finer goods, living in the city the women can be completely replaced by its taste. Long-sleeved T-shirt every year, want to come this fall creative, with the scarves connected with the wholesale clothes from China cleverly created a fake two pieces of the effect, as is it tied into a knot or casual on the front Look at personal preferences, both aspect.

Feel the touch of autumn with clothes

Autumn, brings the blowing wind, brings drift fine rain, brings the red fire passionate maple leaves, brings a wonderful frost. Feeling how the experience of autumn touch, and more is the joy of the same, but also feel the skin to the cold. Complete the intimate contact with the autumn, experience a different kind of good, put on a temperament wholesale women clothes to be beautiful.

01 In the autumn, there must be basic clothes to match other coats, a good basic clothing is half of the success. But with a lot of knowledge, only a basic clothing inside the dress has a variety of bustling, following me one by one show to you. First such a low-key type within the pure color, easy to use with the color, wearing a simple black coat on the handsome matching.

02 The same as the pure color is also very different. Bright colors are very noticeable, high-profile charm of the like. Bright yellow goose skirt, big bowknot decorated waist, princess skirt and cute skirt, the whole vitality to show. This kind of inside with a low-key coat is enough.

03 Good basic clothes in the end of the character is the case, combined with the jacket, but not too eye-catching, can live in harmony, while wearing a single wear their own charm can be alone. Printed dress is beautiful, rich colors to keep a lasting love and attention, but with more attention should be taken up, and body color should not be too much, jacket just need the low-key and simple style.

04 A little more elements are nothing bad, every time a new experience, always keep the fresh feeling. Black lace to do the coat embellishment, fine and no obvious mess, print skirt flying in the wind, the wonderful pattern can not nostalgia. Single and rich combination, the girl bloom like flowers.

05 There is also a kind of bright print skirt. This type of skirt may no longer be suitable for long coat, and one too long coat is not conducive to the appearance of the show, and secondly seem redundant. So, it is small short coat show time. Exquisite coat with the printing of the big pendulum, stature stretched, charisma filling.

06 Plaid shirt is also an important component of the inside, take a variety of properties, people tend to plaid shirt collar, do not need to bare the fragile neck, while the western style can show. Lattice dress would not have said, naturally is the focus of attention, long coat is free to be chic.

See how the velvet changes the inherent image in clothes

When to be able to hit the color of this art to master, you dress up the dress will be a qualitative change. Gray, brown, peacock green, golden velvet can be the charm of these colors completely released, deep shallow more or less collision, the chic station of the style in wholesale women clothes is cool.

01 Golden velvet because of the special material, once a synonym for elegance, even if only a bright diamond foil foil, but also enough to make people heart. From a certain point of view, the velvet suit masculine seems not so strong, more like a different kind of fashion try.

02 Always thought that the velvet is the mother of their favorite fabric, after all, it has long history. But also have to admit that a lot of golden velvet style only mother’s temperament and gas field to control, after all, mature and charm is not overnight. Net yarn stitching gold velvet dress, there are details of the attraction is also very temperament.

03 Want to distinguish with the out of style of mother’s, first of all to draw a line in color. Although the same is the red line, wine red tolerance pink do not understand, but the pink wine red wine may not be able to understand. Lace stitching, the word collar and fishtail skirt sexy can be resolved just right.

04 If it is dark golden velvet, or cut into a cheongsam is the most emboldened. Since you want to fashion and then, then how to point lace. And not exposed to the sexy, but a printed game fills, such a gold velvet dress in autumn is quite eye-catching.

05 Golden velvet change too much, the color to be a little shallow, printing elements elegant point, style to fashion a little. This year is very popular two-piece design, green chic in the sense of hierarchy to be the perfect release, which is the young people’s golden velvet.

More terrible than death is never live wonderfully

People can not always stay in the shadow of the past, look up and look forward to have a regrettable future. Some people say that the thing much more terrible than death is never live wonderfully , we should live colorfully in wholesale women clothes.

01 Gorgeous printing in the fashion circle is popular, with their makeup cheap platform shoes have to be bright and beautiful, at least in the eyes of others you are wonderful. High saturation of the sapphire blue, slightly floodlight fabric, full of light extravagant attitude.

02 Everyone’s youth memories are wonderful movements, all the minutiae is beautiful. Like this colorful printing baseball shirt, seemingly messy printing, but the color is pretty enough, such a high-profile temperament, only full of vitality you can get it.

03 Aurora is fascinating, which depends on its infinite change, you never know next second color of it. Abstract color rendering, with the nature and beautiful visual effects, and a thin silk material, every move is chic style.

04 Flowers are the most common of print elements, but they are also the most difficult element to control and deduce. Too many patterns inevitably messy, too little cannot achieve the gorgeous effect. Color cannot be too collided, but not too monotonous, elegant and vulgar often only in a thought between.

05 Printing is also a language, as long as you know enough about it, it can also help you say what you want to say, noble and auspicious phoenix bird printed on the shoulder, solemn black to do the end of the fashionable atmosphere of the queen feeling so ready to come out. I’m the fashionable queen.

Buy a piece of trousers to wear in the fall

August is on the beginning of the autumn, the summer is close to the end, although the weather is still hot, the summer is planning some nice things for the blessing, but the fall has been in sight, from the days of the day is not far away! This time to buy wholesale women clothes to take into account the factors of the season, may wish to come to pieces of trousers, can wear now to the autumn and can continue to wear till the end of the season.

01 Wide leg pants in summer and autumn are very popular in the summer wearing, early autumn wear it will not let you feel too cool, straight wide leg pants type has significant thin effect. Add a linen composition of the fabric so that the pants wearing soft skin, unique texture of the natural and fresh feeling, casual leisure, and then side of the embroidery to bring the national style impression, you like the fairy walking in the reinforced concrete city, which is not restless and vanity cover the mind, breathe free air.

02 Trousers also love gorgeously dressed! Pencil pants and wide leg pants have very different style, and loose legs pants release the feeling of the style, pencil pants with clenched lines to outline the curve of the legs, the development of the body’s inner charm, with the legs to conquer the people. There is no difference between the two style, different people have different preferences strike. Tropical printing blooming gorgeous luster, will be passionate romantic injection, even more brilliant than the flowers.

03 Have to say, with plain cut into a smooth and capable version of the type, although the same wide leg pants, but more than a straight pants-type three-dimensional, extending from the buttocks lines simple and neat, trousers like a whiskers generally slightly open, legs are particularly slender, tall feeling out, and this kind of line neatly altogether, did not drag the water with the pants can show the most woman’s intellectual temperament. In the workplace wearing, quite smart and capable, for you to win the boss and colleagues of the goodwill. In the daily life also has good performance, highlight the fashionable temperament, easy to become the focus of attention.

04 Cotton and linen is natural fresh, free, and loose, the pursuit of the body and mind are relaxed, so the attitude is more natural quite affinity. Linen material sparse texture, excellent breathability, so that the skin to breathe, even if the heat can also be managed. Leggings are loose, the legs are not perfect enough legs will be perfect cover, while the effect of hip, flat is not odd is not our wishes.

05 Jeans can wear in all seasons, and almost a staff, belonging to the basic models of pants. If one day you do not know what to wear pants, that jeans is absolutely right. Small jeans, although relatively compact, but the advantage is that the curve of the body will be modified to be exquisitely penetrating, especially the thin legs and very tall buttocks, the most eye-catching place.

The beauty of Chinese cheongsam

Cheongsam, which is full of spiritual creation among wholesale women clothes, the best embodiment of the oriental woman’s charm. I would like to say that beauty depends on the women. Cheongsam style is diverse, different colors in different cheongsam can deduce a different character, different women can also give cheongsam a different temperament.

01 Luxury: peony flowers symbolizes wealth, which are the Chinese favorite flower species, since ancient times on its eulogizing has been too numerous, it symbolizes the rich, a symbol of splendid, a symbol of the Chinese people for a better life longing.

02 Pure: since ancient times lotus was known as the gentleman of the flower, there is a silt and not dyed holy of it, expressing the Chinese people for the pursuit of clean and elegant styles. White and blue colors are fresh and lively.

03 Dignified: being polite and knowledgeable, dignified and generous is the character of cheongsam. Hot red is a happy color, fishtail of the dress’s hem is retro and chic, lace flowers is an exquisite beauty.

04 Charming: smart charm is the characteristic of cheongsam. Lace material cheongsam with micro-transparent visual effect is very compelling. Having a little bit sexy feeling, a little elegant style, you have the unique charm.

05 Gentle: purple in the hearts of the Chinese people is also the lucky color, the use of the color in cheongsam has the hazy dream of feeling. Letting people see the beautiful side of the cheongsam. Cheongsam’s beauty is rich and varied, just like the woman’s beauty, different people have different beauty, and even the same person has different aspects of the beauty.