Clear the mind to be fashionable in clothing

Knitting softness is a small fresh representative for wholesale clothes. Immersed in love in the inspiration burst, let the ordinary us feel a different kind of romantic style. Net yarn splicing of small love, fluffy mohair between the full of witty smart, piercing the lonely feeling so simple.

01 Knit jacquard is a good way to express the elements of love, not only adhere to the hit color directly, but also mild color colorful. With such a gentle form, how people don’t love it. Letters and love of the collision, we strive to get direction closer to chic design.

02 In nice designer’s works, both the full coverage of love, but also the fine details of the exquisite design. Wine red sweater is not elegant enough, because the scale of the loose and casual, but love elements in the cuff of the inspiration for people to find the school favorite young youth.

03 There is no rule sometimes is a rule, hit the color and no rules, overlap with the printing, pink light green stack to break the red with green ugly rule, and the presence of black highlights the significance of their collision. The existence of the elements of love is to make simple things rich sense of hierarchy.

04 Well-behaved is one of the important reasons why sweaters are chosen. They may not be outstanding, but it will not make you like a fool. Dark blue and the contrast between the age is because of the collision into the color of the wonderful, love elements are pure white highlights to the color of the name to move closer to the fashion.

05 Collar details can not be underestimated, you can use the collar to achieve wonderful feeling, naturally have to use the neckline to create a new style of workplace. Very simple white shirt, only need this unique love style has been enough eye-catching.


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