Clothes in nice weather

And to the plum blossom season, whether you have watched the beauty of plum blossoms this year. If the plum blossom into the snow sea, then a little less sense of aloof. Whether it is hot or white plum quiet, in the cold growth of the ice muscle in the snow itself has a proud of the integrity. Since ancient times people love is its quality. So does the wholesale clothing.

01 Plum embroidery is also a common pattern of decorative clothes, not only because of its pretty and also because of its proud of the character. Bright and bright exquisite embroidery so that black is no longer dull monotonous, a coat that contains both traditional elegance, but also a modern fashion sense, the best of both worlds worth owning.

02 This year’s popular color there will be such a blue, fresh and yet sweet, bring the pure purity of youth. Chest delicate embroidery, beautiful flowers deduce the bloom in the body of the romantic body. Fine short paragraph shape, so how you look good.

03 Chinese people always like to play the meaning, after some clever design after the pattern, always show people want auspicious good. As the skirt on the embroidery of the classic pattern, smart magpie standing on the tip of the Mei, hi on the brow of the meaning will be clear at a glance.

04 In your impression of the sweater should be what kind of? In the hands of the designer sweater can also be full of feminine. Through the delicate embroidery show plum beautiful and elegant, but also for the clothes Tim some people love.

05 Generous without losing elegance is that every light cooked woman should pursue the dress quality, you have been a cheap age, and more exquisite clothing is your choice. Simple atmosphere of the design coupled with looming high split pendulum, and chest embroidery with the distribution of your light mature taste.


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