Commemorate the afternoon time

Say your favorite scene, for me is the afternoon of the afternoon friends. Even if there is no rocking chair, even if there cannot be quietly shared people, has such a bright is no better. Enjoy every beam of light from the distant sun, sprinkled on the face, sprinkling between the inch of the skin, like to feel they play each of the first heart music, eager to rest in front of the moment, so that this wonderful continuation with nice cheap Korean clothes online.

01 The sun evenly sprinkled on the land, any corner can feel the sun’s bright. The national wind with you away from the hustle and bustle of the past worry-free time to see the beautiful Chinese hand-painted flowers charming, bat sleeve is easy enough to let people put it down.

02 Spilled out of the sun, flies are years, leaving the mottled memory. But even if the years, but also cannot stop our passion for life on the future vision. Red coat makes people shines, set off elegant temperament makes people heart longing. I wonder if you notice stitching long sleeves, soft and hard match makes clothes comfortable and stylish.

03 Sitting in the sun, whether there is such a moment, like back to childhood, the memory of the elders always sitting on the couch, a small hit a nap, leisurely until our noisy makes the horizon of the sun are down the mountain. Often recall, always feel that they are still a long child, laughing slap in front of the knee, carefree.

04 Want to enjoy the bright afternoon of the natural and ultimately, the participation of chiffon, thin fabric breathable, through which it can even feel the slightest touch of the sun touch, no shadow, washed away in the sun. Beautiful geometric flowers through the meantime, how can you not understand it well?

05 Fashion is always in the reincarnation, and the Chinese style is the hearts of the people of the permanent beauty of the same feelings. Light purple skirt calm waves, elegant but the slightest snap into the hearts of the retro printing people peace of mind, add into the modern cake fold edge is for all the calm into the fresh vitality.



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