Dressing in cool autumn

Autumn of the variety attitude has been difficult to understand, and yesterday may be rainy weather seems to have been so cold down to the winter, but it may also be a sunny today can not wait to pull out shorts hot pants. In this day can experience the four seasons of the season, the sleeves of the clothes to get more appropriate clothes from China.

01 Every girl has a girl who can be as a princess’s heart, can not help but domineering side exposed, so that a crowd of people who are so busy and so prohibitive. Chinese red embroidery dress is to let you sweep a momentum, can not do the birds by people, relying on their own hands to earn a better life, strong woman is a pride.

02 So what is the role of the sleeves in the woman’s pride? Not generally procrastination, do not drag the water, simple and generous in revealing your temperament, so refined woman, to find the best single product of this season. Seven sleeves do not say can come out on top, but also thriving.

03 Seven-length sleeves in the fall of the biggest role than the season, not cold nor hot can also be hot and cold, Seven-length sleeves of the skirt as a primer is no better, whether it is a small suit or a small waist-coil even windbreaker, can easily make the classic effect of stacking.

04 Since it is only the definition of the length of the sleeves, this type of clothing is also a great expansion of space, whether it is Royal style Chinese red embroidery or princess warmth of lace, can be incorporated into, or encounter do not want to go style is too obvious line. You can have a plaid shirt-style dress, different you can naturally wear a different style.

05 Or simply encounter the printing of the stitching it, took out the fashion rolled up the trend has not faded in the fashion industry long occupied a place of classic design, in your closet will bloom out of what kind of beautiful clothing? Big eaves hat, black pork stockings, elegant high heels, you are a beautiful landscape of the street.


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