Embroidered elements of the pretty clothing

Embroidery as one of the traditional Chinese fabric processing techniques, with its unique artistic charm to bring beauty. Embroidered elements have long been out of the shackles of traditional ethnic clothing, classical beauty and modern combination, to create fine wholesale clothes from China.

01 Large blue and green hollow lace embroidery bead pattern like blue peacock tail feathers like gorgeous and elegant, peach heart v-neck collar modified face lines, chiffon material lantern sleeves and slim straight style is thin and generous, to create aristocratic temperament.

02 Blue imitation denim fabric is very stylish, especially the skin white, petal-shaped large round neck elegant and natural, the same color embroidery pattern atmosphere and low-key, asymmetrical pattern quite design sense, as if a faint floating.

03 The color of the material is elegant and delicate, the sleeves with silk material to enhance the texture and comfort, oil-like complex rosette embroidery is the European romantic feelings, high waist design beauty stature , creating nice elongated body proportions.

04 Gradient rose jacquard and black and white embroidery of the superposition, in the absence of light when it is introverted low-key, light when the rose pattern is shiny, glowing three-color reflective, texture and three-dimensional feel good. Elegant and dignified style, accompanied by eye-catching red belt is thin.

05 Big blossom beads are charming and eye-catching, with gentle knitting as a fake two pieces with just to avoid the sense of swagger, there are stacked wear effect. Do not have to worry about long knitting so that the body looks too flat, with a wide belt is thin and type.



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