“Embroidery” has a lot of spring feelings

There is no basis for the spring section how to do, to the bottom to wear a white shirt is the most not less. A round neck sweater, or solid color or hit color, can rely on the white shirt to achieve pure and romantic college style, while the delicate embroidery break the monotonous white, will be very eye-catching to wear.

01 What embroidery, not too grand, finishing touch effect is its consistent pursuit. White shirt learned to keep pace with the times, can make the simple change of pure white embroidery, but also can make the embroidery rely on the exquisite color, do not need too complicated, just need to be the bones that point east style are distributed just fine.

02 Nothing is richer than the blue and white porcelain, is unique to the style of the great country of heaven, fresh but not small house, dignified but not boring, properly arranged but not aggressive, embroidery can make the perfect combination of the advantages of blue and white, when copying blue and white porcelain Release their own charm.

03 This wide open large color use, as well as the precise grasp of safflower green leaves, is the most characteristic of the Chinese style of the national style. The addition of tassels elements is more confirmed this view, only the organza yarn is exotic, stitching together may be the effect you want to achieve cheap clothes from China.

04 Spring has come, early summer will soon come to our side quietly. Cotton and linen, is the most suitable transition from spring to summer. Shallow gray, very literary colors, gorgeous and gorgeous gorgeous irrelevant, only embroidery can grasp the secrets, with the appropriate way “embroidered” spring.

05 What kind of elegant Smart and silk compared to it, dressed in the world are often more waves of a wave, there is no best but better. The use of sophisticated techniques to construct wave stripes just to break the white, very clean color collision, pen simple extraordinary.


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