Exaggerated sweet romantic and retro clothing

Sweet is actually a very challenging style, most people cannot control it very well. In addition to the high standards of age requirements, but also need a kind of bones of self-confidence, but fortunately the rapid development of fashion, exaggerated sweet has begun to enter our wholesale clothes, romantic and retro has each publicity.

01 I was always thought that sweet is the exclusive interest of eighteen years old, and later discovered that as long as there is self-confidence, we have not long wrinkles, we have not gray-haired, those from the pink blue temptation can still alive. Lantern sleeves sweet and printed sweet, even if the exaggeration will not be wrong.

02 Designers have a way to make exaggerated sweet for the public, T-stage scenery is not suitable for going shopping, but can be got from the inspiration, the success of dress in new fashion. Lanterns sleeve side folds and the perfect fusion of hip skirt, so that the simple white dress becomes interesting.

03 Different from the Italian designer’s design direction, ordinary people have the welfare of ordinary design, we can experience exciting things. The lotus leaf is designed to ensure sweetness is not forgotten. Pleated and hollow, an increase of exaggerated ingredients, but to ensure the romantic feeling in the blouse.

04 Exaggerated sweet can make sexy not so enchanting, more ground and more texture. There is nothing better than the lotus leaf is more suitable for splicing in the collar, to create a wonderful collar of the visual. Snow-white skin has been set off perfectly, one-step skirt can also have exaggerated sweet feeling.

05 Hollow and pure color as the collision is most likely to cause the resonance of the season, you can take a single wear, unique hollow lace sleeves full of rich lines, and the general sweet is not the same, implying that the workplace is clean and neat. Just to catch up with the romantic season, is simply perfect.



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