“Fat” is the beauty of capital in clothes

Asked ten girls, at least eight are not satisfied with their own body, but really called the weight of the standard will not be more than two, that is, most girls are only part of the proportion of their own dissatisfaction only The Often at this time the most able to save the field was oversize. Loose cheap Korean clothes online can help you be pretty.

01 Why the skirt even in the cold winter is still very popular, there is the representative of its value, for the perennial wearing a skirt of the Japanese girl, at least slightly profiled skirt, do not see the waist of the swimming circle, of the thigh, and when the knack encounter cowboy, which is another novel view.

02 Loose and loose clothes is always easy to let people relax, do not have a layer of a layer of dumplings like a wrapped around their own breathless, put on a warm base, a loose sweater, put on coat Woolen is a good choice, in this winter, even if the cold wind Joseph, but also the United States out of style.

03 Sweater is the first choice in winter, outside wear base can be, and a common feature of the sweater that is – afraid of the cold you no matter how many clothes in the inside can easily get. Sweater cut is also very easy to find them in the loose shape, to adapt to add clothes cold winter.

04 Knitting loose is often from the hem began to work hard. The upper part of the body slim under the premise of slightly opens the pendulum in addition to the waist thigh of the occlusion effect, but also in the visual high. Lovely clinging are line of sight lines, with a high degree of natural even more thinly.

05 More and more petite girls addicted to the large woolen coat, a coat seems to be able to hide the whole person look like, so the situation, not only will not notice that the flesh, but also in the large Under the coat to bring out your “thin” stature.


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