Favorite bowknot

The girl is born as a lovely creature, can not refuse the lovely, sweet, beautiful items, wholesale fashion dress is also the case, the pretty lace, the elegant organza, the nifty dots, pink well-behaved pink color and so on, all are included in the closet. Although grown up, but the innate nature has always been the same, you see that bowknot has always been in the heart.

01 In this hot season, the light cool color gives the cool visual experience, blue as the sky, white as the clouds, such a combination of natural looks fun. Cute little dots scattered on the skirt, like raindrops, waist bowknot is simple and elegant, revealing the girl’s gentle qualities.

02 In the dream of every little girl’s childhood, it must be a pink and romantic dream, hoping her own room is painted pink, and in the little pink bed can dream of a small princess like their own. A touch of pink dress, reminds me of good memory in childhood, even the bowknot is also extremely being nifty.

03 Even now has been driving on the road to be thirty years old, but after twenty-five years old, the fascination of the bowknot is always immortal. Silk texture of the printing pattern looks high-end atmosphere on the grade, revealing the infinite luxury, can be on the waist of the piece of bowknot, exposed the heart of the little girl’s complex feeling.

04 Organza is born with the elegant sense of beauty to enjoy, gentle, thin through, and ethereal, the tailoring is naturally contaminated with a small fresh style. The overall version of the type is very slim, sweet skirt is not only to cover the big ass, but also bring out a slim waist, stripes will carry forward the naval wind, collar tie band to increase the details of the design.

05 Bowknot is not fancy here, and did not want to seize the limelight of the effort, but casually has the embellishment about nothing rules to follow, but it is a heartless eye-catching design, pure white is simple, black bowknot is much more eye-catching.


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