Feel the touch of autumn with clothes

Autumn, brings the blowing wind, brings drift fine rain, brings the red fire passionate maple leaves, brings a wonderful frost. Feeling how the experience of autumn touch, and more is the joy of the same, but also feel the skin to the cold. Complete the intimate contact with the autumn, experience a different kind of good, put on a temperament wholesale women clothes to be beautiful.

01 In the autumn, there must be basic clothes to match other coats, a good basic clothing is half of the success. But with a lot of knowledge, only a basic clothing inside the dress has a variety of bustling, following me one by one show to you. First such a low-key type within the pure color, easy to use with the color, wearing a simple black coat on the handsome matching.

02 The same as the pure color is also very different. Bright colors are very noticeable, high-profile charm of the like. Bright yellow goose skirt, big bowknot decorated waist, princess skirt and cute skirt, the whole vitality to show. This kind of inside with a low-key coat is enough.

03 Good basic clothes in the end of the character is the case, combined with the jacket, but not too eye-catching, can live in harmony, while wearing a single wear their own charm can be alone. Printed dress is beautiful, rich colors to keep a lasting love and attention, but with more attention should be taken up, and body color should not be too much, jacket just need the low-key and simple style.

04 A little more elements are nothing bad, every time a new experience, always keep the fresh feeling. Black lace to do the coat embellishment, fine and no obvious mess, print skirt flying in the wind, the wonderful pattern can not nostalgia. Single and rich combination, the girl bloom like flowers.

05 There is also a kind of bright print skirt. This type of skirt may no longer be suitable for long coat, and one too long coat is not conducive to the appearance of the show, and secondly seem redundant. So, it is small short coat show time. Exquisite coat with the printing of the big pendulum, stature stretched, charisma filling.

06 Plaid shirt is also an important component of the inside, take a variety of properties, people tend to plaid shirt collar, do not need to bare the fragile neck, while the western style can show. Lattice dress would not have said, naturally is the focus of attention, long coat is free to be chic.


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