Find bright little details

Perhaps just a little mention of the waist line, perhaps the collar of the small embroidery, perhaps the skirt pulls up the folds, perhaps embellished with cute little wholesale clothes from China. Look for small details, dress and dress, you are the center, and the fall is within reach.

01 There is only two situations in which there is a temptation in this world. One is passionate love at first sight and the other is peace of mind that has long been awaited. How many girls like a printed dress like? Round neck not pick people, high waist sleeve was significantly high, large print straightforward announcement, find a reason to restrain the temptation, really hard.

02 Taste of lace, not necessarily from the summer pure lace sketched out of the body of the dress starting, and sweaters stitching after the blend of light and delicate primer shirt, even a single wear can feel far revealed a melting warm meaning. The purchase of a new piece of clothing is based on whether it can and the closet has mutual chances with each other, or a favorite and no other consideration. However, the striped sweater is no such concern, because the bow to meet the sweet and stripes are one of the wild models.

03 Mention shirts, it is necessary for a solid color space out of a large dedicated to talk about. Solid color can also play many tricks, light blue shirt looks like tooling how to do? Highlight the contrast with a black hook, Peter Pan collar age and lively, loosen the first two buttons, with a beautiful skirt will feel peace almost the same?

04 Autumn pursuit of layered wear is a very test of skill things, after all, once the mashup failed, that picture is too dare to look at it. Can stand on the tail of the summer look two-piece suit jacket, bat sleeve print T and stripes camisole layering, the perfect interpretation of the shirt, not limited to autumn?

05 White shirt and black and the South Pole generally have very similar qualities, such as looks completely unrelated, but it has a very inclusive. However, it is undeniable that the ethnic style of the printed series is more suitable for the slightly thicker autumn colors.


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