Fresh and hearty dressing

Straight is thin, delicate lace, small grid hidden in which tells the grid of your thoughts, lace dignified playful, collision of love sparks, I do not know if you can control it. Ou Gen yarn’s mindset here came in handy, always to show the hazy beauty.

01 No matter what kind of color, white can hold live, this is why there are a few pieces of white why the reason for the summer. And no matter how unique the collision color, pop style always rely on geometric expansion, if not white embellishment in them, then the color no matter how fancy can not be called fresh and elegant.

02 Champagne pink sweet and dignified, not as sweet as pink, nor as red as warm, nor more rosy bones those charming momentum, champagne efforts to dignified move closer, but always inevitable a bit naughty heart, plus On the cartoon print embellishment in them, more and more people feel indispensable.

03 Said dolphins represent a kind of happiness, the dolphin printing and dyeing on the skirt is not able to meet a little more happiness? Lattice hollow, is a magnified version of mesh, although the splicing is not very understand the rules, but in general will not be wrong, it is necessary to maintain the hazy beauty can not forget the summer cool.

04 Big wholesale clothing from China, great chic, fresh not really, but hearty absolute row on the first. No way, since the debut of boyfriend, we have a dependence on this generous loose T-shirt. Letter printing is the most simple, chiffon splicing know how to please people.

05 Tainted colors, elegant printing, as if a woman static at the office, just like sunshine with dewdrop gardenia, sent the first touch of morning fragrance. Lapel shirt, with color and printing ink. From thick to light, and slowly achievements of this fresh and hearty early summer vision.


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