Hooded sweater is your good girlfriend

She is a little personality, but often just pokes your sprout. Stitching cuffs and hem, seemingly simple but not vulgar, will not challenge the conservative eyes of the elders, but also let the peers feel witty, will be just righteousness, kind of secretly with the fun of doing bad things. She is the clothing wholesale.

01 And you alone meet, she certainly will not refuse. And if invited to the shirt, jacket travel together, she will not jealousy big hair, but with the appropriate get along well: shirt backing, knitting warm, coat wind, warm sunshine illuminated the autumn and winter, a happy joy scene.

02 Light and flexible style, delicate matte finish, alone to see her is a small beauty one, and you stand together but willing to incarnate as a green leaf foil, your skin color and color set off as white as delicate pink rose , Gentle and kind, let you be more love to see.

03 She will not always stick you too tight, the best friendship will not feel bound, but the gentleman of the touch of water, loose and comfortable, leaving the skin full of free breathing space. Enjoy the air entrainment of the sweet-scented fragrance, until the feel cool, hugged her clinging to the cordial and warm.

04 The morning of the morning, rushed from the closet out of her set in the body, both a small lapel’s well-behaved, but also splicing sleeve capable, tattoo texture temperament retro, even you love sleep problems are taken care of, and her intimate and thoughtful to the people around are very envious.

05 The best girlfriend to you is the knitting, and you can go to a walk and travel. No plan, do not book, ten minutes or half an hour, pack up the luggage on the starting, like crazy escape like to leave the dark cement jungle, holding hands, carelessly exposed clavicle and navel, his face laughing like a blooming sunflower.


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