How do you wear clothing one day in your twenties?

In the twenty years old, love is so beautiful, although you have nothing. What kind of boy do you like? What kind of wholesale clothes from China would you wear to meet him one day? Such a beautiful age, now can only envy.

01 Twenty years old is the best age, with the most bright green to set off the time. Using the two years of popular black leather pants to replace the leggings, absolutely can create the unbeaten fashion. Slightly loose sweater, can be a skirt or a shirt, the length is just right for the shopping time.

02 Colorful though is no longer young people’s exclusive, but twenty years old one day is definitely the color of the favorite time, what is appropriate, what is possible. Unique collage approach, so dark blue makes you look so young, college style with perfect show, bat-sleeve shirt is loose just right.

03 Maybe you will want to choose a knitting vest, the best is a two-piece of this, will not let the matching become a problem, just a black pants is enough. Level confident is full, knitting is the best companion, in the twenties of one day will make you satisfied.

04 You can choose a sweater, the best is pink, and then to match it with a big bowknot. You are young, what kind of color can not try? Even if the bowknot is a bit exaggerated, it will not hinder your youth invincible feeling.

05 A simple plaid shirt, blue and white staggered, is the kind of slightly cool colors, sketched out the age of twenty years old and that ignorant. And later to twenty-five years old, still able to control the plaid shirt of the simple feelings, but no longer like twenty years old will be happy and wantonly out.



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