How important is the puff sleeve?

When you feel that the temperament is not sweet enough, when you find the shoulder is not perfect, when you know that retro is popular, you will know how important Puff Sleeve. Retro and slightly sweet flavor of the sleeve type of the clothing wholesale, not only makes the temperament on the superior, but also is conducive to the shoulder shape of the modification and adjustment.

01 Although the black is tall, but it will inevitably be too serious and solemn feeling, especially with all black. With the bubble sleeves embellishment, the overall atmosphere eases much more of the clothing, and with sweet folds and uplift sleeve type weakened dull tendency. Retro half-collar and puff sleeve coincides.

02 Pink and baby blue can emphasize the feminine personality in the gentle side, a touch of quiet and melancholy people ignore the wearer is deliberately decorated tender. Sequins, lace, three-dimensional flowers, the three fusion is very clever, the vines of the lingering flowers and tender and realistic presentation.

03 When the mood cannot be expressed in a way, you can use the language and limbs together. So to say, two-color splicing is better than the monochromatic beauty, each other set off each other’s highest points. Belong to the colorless white with any color match, met the light blue is fresh.

04 Puff sleeve matches with the shoulder can be just right to be too wide shoulder shape into the sleeve type, others will think that the shoulder line is clothing type required, temperament also will increase. Delicate and vivid embroidery echoes the lifelike lace pattern is full of feminine; woman is flowery-like beauty.

05 There is a sunny season, the most suitable for long skirt fluttering dress. You can step by step meteor walk, walking but are provoking the opposite sex favored elegance and softness. The small flies of the mountains and plains are the direct senses of printing, and suddenly you may want a romantic date.


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