I do obviously like to wear nice dress

Exotic wholesale dresses, exquisite lace and geometric embroidery interpretation of the unique quality and artistic temperament, shrink cuff micro-lantern effect so that the arm was thin, V-neck A-line skirt to build the chest following the ultimate ultra-full ratio of the legs, the former Short hem long after the smart and elegant, fine crepe chine wrinkles, texture double drape anti-penetration comfort.

01 Want to challenge the challenge of digging deep hidden unique temperament, or expression of natural fashion attitude, hidden in the minimalist design may bring a new experience. Gray blue, burgundy color stress, as the collision of the two worlds, with a retro sense of gorgeous, with cotton socks sports shoes to wear, fun color chic style or lazy style, full of personality to enjoy the imagination.

02 Black jacket and light gray vest skirt with a sense of style layered, so no boring, deduced a different kind of holiday style, loose bat sleeve loose casual lazy casual temperament, irregular skirt arc-shaped protruding split legs prominent department of lines, comfortable fabric to cut the personality and make old-fashioned sense of unique gas field.

03 Perhaps the early autumn wind will inform the preparation of a cardigan, or accustomed to the low temperature air-conditioned room cardigan has been accompanied by the elegant style of life, favorite simple wind cardigan, Variety is both practical inside and outside the two sets, hit the stripe color stripes and buttons add fresh age effect, silky fabric selection of the two colors to cross the love.

04 Always alert yourself, do not be prettier little woman, so not happy, do not do anything big woman can carry, so very hard. To do a free and easy woman, the learning time to learn more to enhance the temperament, the rest of a good rest, take care of the skin, the quiet time quiet, precipitation connotation.

05 Always thought that the wholesale fashion dress is still the sleeveless one looks good, if you can add a little thought in the sleeveless regular section, it is perfect. Chest heart-shaped hollow is neither too exposed but also has a small sexy, elegant rich small dress, the bones contain different rebellious.


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