Is there any of sunscreen artifacts you get ready?

The row of footprints on the beach, is the footprints you walk through the sand with me; half of the sea sand half of the starfish glass bottles, it is the future of the best expectation of your and mine; the secret hidden in the shell, you and I give each other a big surprise; waves beat the sound of the beach, you and I love the most moving melody. The beach is a romantic place, but want to return from the beach resort, still keep delicate snow-white skin, sunscreen artifact is absolutely necessary for you. Proper wholesale clothes get ready!

01 Gentle and smooth silk fabric just like a woman’s second layer of skin, giving to the body the most comfortable wearing feeling; colorful 3D digital printing, making you like a blooming peony, elegant feeling is full of the clothing at the same time having more excellent sunscreen effect.

02 Ice blue, in the hot weather, like a burst of cool breeze blowing on the face, giving a strong visual comfort; chiffon and knitting stitching has personalized fashion; If you wear a strap dress, do not want to have tanned arms, then with this section of the clothes it, can both protect you from the sun, and also be pretty.

03 About sunscreen the best way is to wrap the whole body, but too hot, how to do? Known as “air conditioning,” said the flax is the most appropriate choice for it! Indoor, take off the jacket, wearing a vest dress, simple and easy to move; outdoor, put on the coat, so that the skin can be protected from UV damage.

04 Long-sleeved to protect the arm, in fact, exposed the longest time is the face, and the face is the key to be beautiful, so a sun hat is essential, and then with a long flower printed beach skirt, wow, you are so pretty!

05 Choosing a sun hat, the length of the hat is important, which determines how much light can block and cover the size of the face. Elegant long rims, lotus leaf side of the curved edge, high-grade breathable silk, soft romantic pink, cute pretty bowknot, every advantage is the reason in love with it.


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