Just a little bit of lace

Lace is a woman cannot afford to leave that point, wrapped around the tip of the heart. However, you have to know too much of the truth, too much lace accumulation in the clothing wholesale, will make your dress like a back to her mother’s daughter; the contrary, in fact, only a little bit of lace has enough feminine.

01 In girl’s wardrobe probably has such a white primer shirt, round neck with the best skirt and jacket, lace hollow from the skirt exposed, even if the lower body coupled with a competent pencil pants, but also because there are that the balance of lace, having more women’s gentle.

02 Partial to the pure tone of the people to the feeling of quiet and gentle, the most suitable for the little words of pure woman. Lace edge so that the dark tone is not too boring, delicate lace and low-key plain floral together to form a charming look of a charming, single wear or cover a knitted cardigan can also be chic.

03 Shirt is appropriate for every season, autumn is indispensable. But talking about “black and white”, people prone to such as business, solemn, capable and other impressions, black and white shirt cannot be gentle and charming? Only need to shoulder, cuffs and other places to join some fine lace details, the same can have full feminine.

04 Happiness always has a similar appearance, perhaps when you love each other inadvertently on the eyes, perhaps into the marriage hall when the expectations of the future, perhaps mutual support through the years after the leisurely pace. Clothes are the best record of this, and lace, watch the taste of happiness.

05 Some people love it fine, some people love it noble, and some people love it hazy and elegant, cannot say it is the most important of this autumn, but it can be said that it is the most beautiful embellishment of this autumn.


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