Leisure and commuter’s relationship in clothing

Life is not like a card that has a completely different card face, not A is the B mode sounds very fun. Work is daily, casual interspersed in which, but in cheap Korean clothes online, leisure and commute between the no relationship between the other, do not make it wrong.

01 In the work may no one will choose a very exaggerated style, too much personal characteristics of the individual is not necessarily be curious to remember, more likely to be a grandstanding miniature. But sexy little slits or can have, sports baseball collar dress for leisure, but also commute.

02 Knitted cardigan if not soft, you can not appreciate the characteristics of skin-friendly; if too soft, so a modeling is very difficult to maintain a long time beautiful. Suit collar and candy color so that the cardigan has a small suit of crisp, but tentacles soft waxy texture, leisure and commuter conversion without pressure.

03 To be an elegant little lady, or hidden inside a bold female man, in fact, the tasting of clothing are not too important influence. Low-key introverted British checkered, dark green dignified and cute little skirt, think about it is to know the shape of the self-release.

04 Many dresses will use a variety of stitching methods or elements to enhance the uniqueness, commuter will use neat lines, casual clothes will use a slightly more gentle style. However, the dress will be like the reason is that its creativity will never stop, the foliage of the hem is too satisfied with the small public mind.

05 Even if you do not say, it is also known that the age range to which the wave point applies is less than thirty years old. Whether large or small, the existence of wave point to some extent are biased towards the street leisure style. To black and white as the main colors, minimalist profile with hidden to the seamless large pocket, as a commuter equipment, but also okay.


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