Listen, summer’s echo

It is compared with the wave point, did not hesitate to choose a more lovely self. Even for the color and with the backing, the wave point is still lost to the lovely round neck, just because the package hip skirt a bit too serious. Neckline embellished with a circle of decorative chain, small pockets on both sides of the design is not great?

01 Certainly not for the skin-friendly comfort cotton, probably so proud to cover the proud face, only to make the cooperation between the round neck and cotton-linen shirt seems more harmonious. Solid color high quality Korean fashion wholesale from top to bottom from inside to outside are telling me so comfortable, will be attracted, is a matter of course.

02 It prefers large compared to small, but sometimes it still chooses small. Shirt wholesale fashion dress is the most important thing is a long row of buttons to bring a sense of simplicity, not a lapel or a small collar to shape the overall sense of change after the small round neck is actually quite good-looking.

03 Did you hear the summer echo? Is there any more attachment to a white dress? Lace is the goddess of elegance, and A skirt is full of girl’s sweet atmosphere. Good body is out of exercise, but also wear it out, the charm of this dress is not the only model to understand.

04 In the fall has not yet begun when you start a dress, knocking on the autumn door with bright colors, to avoid the feeling of depression, the importance of life. Shiny silk color really quite the truth, elegant dress, solid color wonderful, this echo is the summer of romance.

05 Looking back at a hundred laughter, cheongsam graceful dress was glimpse into three or four times emboldened, secretly learning to draw the curve. Good printing, even hidden under the gauze can understand the pleasure of green jade. Hazy happiness, like a youthful summer, worth preserving.


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