Little lap of youth vows

For youth, the most cruel than the passage of time, everything is gone. Thanks to those pictures on the scenery, time silhouette of the reservation than any memory must be clear and real. Love a small lapel in cheap Korean clothes online, is such an emotional intensification, the vows of youth worthy of such serious treatment.

01 If the waves are known, they will love this way, colorful, pretty and lovely. Perhaps at the beginning of the design who would not think such a simple little dots actually can lead the fashion to many years. Sweet long sleeves pull autumn cool, and wave point can let us forget the cool ruthless, still keep the love of youth.

02 Why do you say that the baby lap and age? Because it can perfect the school wind control, to keep the students breathe of pure, yet sensitive to the grasp of fashion. Lattice stitching, letter printing, all under the control of the doll collar, this is the youth should look like.

03 Women are tempting, like a cat, full of spirituality and mystery. But the cat printing is much simpler, so that you can see that a simple yourself. Fake two pieces of true temperament, black and white have enough room to play, and the red color will look more perfect.

04 Small dots, not just the color of the magic weapon, but also make the fabric becomes more unique. Elegant purple, because these points are very scattered and very cute, straight skirt is the secret and the letter H letter inseparable happiness superimposed.

05 Perhaps elegant, perhaps pure, it is derived from your personality. The most eye-catching is the doll lap straight; people cannot remember the time to go so anxious. The unique design of the skirt is the perfect line of staggered, bow down on the skirt, enough to make people feel confident.


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