Long holiday is coming, leisurely spend it

In the long-awaited, the long holiday finally comes! Whether you are travel plan has been full, or ready to house at home chanting, presumably long cheered, hope to look forward to this national holiday can make their full blood resurrection, temporarily out of fast-paced life, want to accompany his family to accompany his family, want to love to love, long time to relax the sense of the spread of the body in elegant clothes from China.

01 Since it is a vacation, why not completely put out the posture of leisure, loose clothes no longer you wrapped tightly, as you can pile up from the work of the mountain inside the stuck his head, big mouth breathing outside the fresh air, in a timely manner save the brain of hypoxia.

02 Yoga, dance and other fitness courses on the usual to adhere to the people, put on sportswear quickly put it into action, the more moving the more beautiful, the time spent In the sleepy above the more pity, not as good as doing something more meaningful.

03 Once in the holiday once relaxed, the face will become rosy, do not have to get up every morning to catch the bus crowded subway, do not open the two panda eyes tired to see the computer, you can sleep naturally wake up every day, you can carefully cook food, even Usually too inconvenient skirt can also come in handy.

04 Most people at this time want to fly to travel, walking in the process of watching to enjoy a variety of fun, through the vitality of the baseball shirt packaging, people more and more youth invincible, do not restrain themselves Time to travel by the sex friends.

05 Casual suit jacket also have to prepare a to prevent the weather cooler, slightly puff sleeves look soft and well-behaved, more importantly, sweet sweet honey looks very likable, directly wake up the sleeping girl heart, but feeling the age of love is gone forever.



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