Long legs win in the high-waist design

Height of the body can not be changed, but the proportion of body can be dressed up to optimize by wholesale clothing. High waist will be raised to a higher level than the actual position to shorten the upper body elongated lower body, this ratio gives the feeling is young and full of vigor, not only reducing the age, but also helping you achieve the dream of having long legs.

01 Although in the traditional mind the red color is always related to the lucky nice day, but due to the red lace itself modifies the spirit very much, thus even wearing it in daily life is also a very nice choice. High-waist tailoring make you be much more taller than usual in the red lace.

02 High-waist skirt is usually appearing as a large skirt style, for women to add the retro elegant temperament. High-waist design helps you avoid the belly, often be able to fall on the waist of the thinnest parts, and then cover the fat part with the lower abdomen and buttocks, cleverly play a vital role in the modification, even if quietly being fat will not be found.

03 Jumpsuit is one of the weapon to reducing your facial age. High-waist design to block the waist and so easy to hoard fat parts, using your ingenuity with a hit color small scarf in the waist to be lovely.

04 Petite you are if you want to have a strong temperament, long coat also can wear, but must choose the shoulder line and waist line that are fit your own body style. With a belt will be a high waistline outline, body and temperament are also improved.

05 Even the fashionable clothing is so complex, you still cannot leave the basic matching. Since it is the basic section, fresh and simple is the righteousness. Exquisite and comfortable fabric of the tailoring, high waist version of the type, seemingly simple, but together can be combined with the best combination of modified effect in the summer vibe.




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