More terrible than death is never live wonderfully

People can not always stay in the shadow of the past, look up and look forward to have a regrettable future. Some people say that the thing much more terrible than death is never live wonderfully , we should live colorfully in wholesale women clothes.

01 Gorgeous printing in the fashion circle is popular, with their makeup cheap platform shoes have to be bright and beautiful, at least in the eyes of others you are wonderful. High saturation of the sapphire blue, slightly floodlight fabric, full of light extravagant attitude.

02 Everyone’s youth memories are wonderful movements, all the minutiae is beautiful. Like this colorful printing baseball shirt, seemingly messy printing, but the color is pretty enough, such a high-profile temperament, only full of vitality you can get it.

03 Aurora is fascinating, which depends on its infinite change, you never know next second color of it. Abstract color rendering, with the nature and beautiful visual effects, and a thin silk material, every move is chic style.

04 Flowers are the most common of print elements, but they are also the most difficult element to control and deduce. Too many patterns inevitably messy, too little cannot achieve the gorgeous effect. Color cannot be too collided, but not too monotonous, elegant and vulgar often only in a thought between.

05 Printing is also a language, as long as you know enough about it, it can also help you say what you want to say, noble and auspicious phoenix bird printed on the shoulder, solemn black to do the end of the fashionable atmosphere of the queen feeling so ready to come out. I’m the fashionable queen.


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