Never leave each other until the time ends

September the sky, so blue, as if any adjective and metaphor cannot tell that endless clean and fresh, floating a few white clouds, soft, people cannot help but want to pull down a piece. Country sky no city of trouble, the air is thorough, so the blue sky can be unscrupulous, also the graceful clothing wholesale.

01 Blue sweater, white pants, floral canvas shoes, walking in the street if you do not say, or a lot of people think it is a student. It seems that only students will tend to blue and white staggered simple.

02 All of a sudden to autumn and obviously ready to do a good job, why would think so unexpected. Perhaps because the degree of renovation of the wardrobe is not enough, perhaps because the style of autumn has not pinch, in fact, this autumn I want you to be a little bit causal, maybe you can see their own side.

03 Really let me understand that the fall has been completely arrived, because the sweater has been filled with the streets, a variety of classic to reproduce, soft and varied style enough to get people feel at ease. Fresh color collision, so that geometric graphics full of playful, as long as with a pair of jeans is enough to show self-confidence.

04 If the time back a few years, you are not on the sweater will be more confidence. It is a good look to wear what age, and now is not because the clothes style is not good enough to see, but we lost the year of ignorance and fearless courage. Gray and bow, different areas of the collision, in this fall waiting for you to try.

05 Need a primer shirt, and fit the curve of the repair section of course is very easy to use, but in this chaotic dress season, I also recommend a single wear can be used at the end of the dual-use style. Structured, lace fine, but superimposed is a very unique personality, you can imagine one of the romantic.


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