Once a year to get rid of useless clothes but have useful one

Autumn and winter season do not want to stack is also impossible, if not in the southern coastal city, just a thick wholesale clothes can not let you be warm enough, without nice clothes inside, when walk into the warm room you have to be embarrassed to take off your coat, so only can endure the warm and thick coat to bring the sweat effect. And the bottom of a single product does not need more gorgeous, often a solid color primer shirt will be able to get.

01 If you are particularly afraid of the cold, then choose a high collar shirt will be able to make you be warm while enjoying the beautiful go hand in hand. Personal preference for pure color models, as long as the pick for their own color, through their own body shape to a simple color interpretation of the simple beauty.

02 In addition to the bottom coat, leggings are also autumn and winter season of grace. It can let you achieve the wide under the narrow thin dress approach, but also enough wild. In the body can also withstand the low temperature environment, revealing the ankle fashion beauty is always fascinating.

03 The so-called cold comes from the feet, to do a warm job to the feet, is comfortable winter compulsory homework. Boots can be a certain extent when the function of the trousers to wear, while the existence of boots, so that the original is not straight enough legs have a straight slim effect. Flat to wear good and comfortable, not wear high heels for the girl, is a great thing.

04 And some girls for the acceptance of the long boots is incompetent, then the short boots is more suitable for you. Flat boots short handsome, and which martin boots the most intimate, because the longer the time to wear, the more it will fit your foot type, over time, it became only for your as comfortable friends.

05 Similarly, there are flat-bottomed cheap platform shoes to share, naturally there are high-heeled boots recommended. If there is no model like a good leg type, then the ankle and ankle boots under the ordinary legs of the grace of the women. Plus high-heeled help, this winter you can be a warm beauty.


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