Outstanding wear in October

The beginning of October is a seductive small holiday, enjoy the shopping to enjoy the cheap Korean clothes online to enjoy the choice of dress. The day flies, always have some things to stay in memory. Those who live in the lens of the need to ride out in order to glorify the favor, in October we need a different kind of companionship.

01 A rainy day is a good habit, just when the autumn wind, ready to woolen jacket to get caught by surprise. In fact, because woolen is no longer as heavy as ever, with bright and clear color contrast highlights the joy of youth, suit design wear reasonable.

02 Some people say that the plaid is a step closer to the retro, and I have chosen, plaid is a new fashion. Yes, its existence has been a long time, but repeat the same thing, the plaid has always seen very clearly, every time with a new image in front of us, retro and fashion is a thought between.

03 The lattice is the most popular way to hit the color, you can let the dark tones enjoy the treatment of art, but also can make irrelevant color colorful. Dark blue and black and simply red, the line has never been we can control, but this set of beautiful still let us can not refuse.

04 You know, denim has come, autumn with such a way to introduce fashion is really wise, for a long time we have been very dependent on the cowboy. Straight skirt is very thin, not to mention the denim itself is crisp texture can be removed from a lot of unnecessary trouble, lotus leaf fish tail pendulum jeans will not be soft enough, but know how unique.

05 No one will blame you forget the black and white ash, although you may not be able to understand its impact on the trend. Gray knit pullover, just an ordinary single product, but it is slightly loose on some of the cut, but with the black half-length dress with, but showing a lazy and wonderful autumn scenery.


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