Pretty long sleeves keep autumn cool

Accidentally fall into the trap of the autumn, that the continuation of the summer scenery, you can make dress light unscrupulous, but did not want to dew Pearl quietly hit with the chill, the temperature in the morning and evening actually up. Need a long-sleeved clothes, autumn and cool to keep the season’s heart.

01 Do you like sweater casual nature? No more comfortable than this gesture, although wholesale clothes from China less feminine, but never picky print, still use the most gorgeous color to express their unrestrained. Playful cartoon printing, sweaters complement each other, not picky not give up.

02 Autumn is not asking us to give up chiffon, autumn is just to remind us of the new chiffon tricks, long sleeves are also very beautiful. Unwilling to loneliness, and lace together, to create the beauty of the hollow, lantern sleeves cute and umbrella skirt naive, you just can not imagine just right.

03 Since it is the world of long sleeves, we can not but pay attention to the changes of the sleeves. It is impossible for the lantern sleeves to complete all the expectations of autumn. So we have a lot of different options. Lotus leaf to join the meandering long-sleeved shirt, another world, cute and not tacky.

04 Light mature style does not require too much embellishment, they prefer simple and generous profile curve. Lapel shirt, blue and white staggered, fresh and natural color collision, delicate and delicate lace stitching, is the best partner nine feet pants, office ladies are the most convenient and most appropriate dress.

05 Cool autumn is not terrible, even a little lovely, because it gives us more opportunities to enrich the wardrobe life. When you see a butterfly flying from summer to autumn, it remembers dragonflies in the summer evening, and when they can fall on the chiffon shirt so that we always remember the summer landscape.



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